Monday, December 26, 2005

"too forward of me to taLk about Life...."

see? im stuck here,, nothin much has changed, i am so afraid of change,,
the first thing i do after getting a hair cut is regretting that i got one,,weLL that's most of the time..
i am not getting anywhere,,,
anyways,, i have another thought in my head..
i am thinking about equaLity,, i beLieve in it..
i beLieve (95% LikeLy) that no one's Life is better than anyone.. do you foLLow?
movin on,, i guess its just ourseLves reaLLy that sets up the standards of Living, (i'm runnin out of words!!)
satisfaction comes aLong with our wiLLingness of accepting things that are happening in our Lives..
so am i getting anywhere?
on the other hand,, what i don't understand is
what am i in your Life?
are we aLL reaLLy connected in some way? (parang friendster Lang!?!)
the things i do? do the things that wiLL happen to you depends on what i've decided to do?
if i breathed a LittLe deeper wiLL you actuaLLy breathe LEsser air in time?
i am just wondering,,
and just crazy,,
so,, tonight ,, or today? how much time did you Lose reading this?
did i make sense? or did the rooster on the boundary of San pedro Laguna actuaLLy Lay an egg?
stupid thoughts huh? i thought so too =P
something infiniteLy interesting

Saturday, December 24, 2005


san ba ko dun?

  • personal knowledge or information about someone or something
  • a relationship less intimate than friendship

something infiniteLy interesting


something infiniteLy interesting

kakainis,, napaka daya, Limited LAng pwede mag view ng profiLe...

damot damot >=& waLa naman taLgang mabasa sa profiLE nya tapos ngayon di ko pa pwede ma-open!

haaii,, auti taLGa!

Monday, December 19, 2005


++if everything couLd ever feeL this reaL forever++
haaii,, naku --------- oo nga tama si jed Lagi ko sinasabi "haii naku!"
okay,, si pomace,, di ko pa nakukunan ng pic,, sya ay ang gift sa kin ni juvy nung christmas party!
the word pomace actuaLLy refers to the residue of processed or pressed fruit,,
yung fLEsh nya na tira tira pag kinuha mo juice ng prutas ganun,,
pero ung pomace ko,, ganyan Lang speLLing,,
pero read as "pomeS" as in tagaLog,,not pom-Ace..
kasi pag "pomes" ang ginawa kong speLLing, baka basahin as "poms" --kasi syempre yung speLLing nya parang "Dome" gets?
weLL anyways,,
si Pomace ZiLdjian, my beLoved drumstick ay kinupkop ko nung 16th of december so yun na ang kanyang birthday,, ang baptismaL naman ay gaganapin sa 22nd,, sa bahay niLa bunches,... weee
sana nga matupad! =)
rent kasi kami ng drumset tapos heram ng gitara and bass kiLa gurutats at gurubotz =)
ayun,, sakit na uLi ng mata ko,.,
sana makapag simbang gabi naman ako,, try ko kaya kumpLetuhin next year?
watchatink? tamad ko kasi e
something infiniteLy interesting

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sunday, December 11, 2005

what kind of candy are you?

something infiniteLy interesting

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Very popular, one of you is not enough.
What Kind of Candy Are You?

==ui Last christmas break na-addict ako dito sa peanut butter cups...


heLLo,, ive waited here for you

++if everything couLd ever feeL this reaL forever++

horribLe hang overs (which by the way is not due to drinking aLcohoL) gives my penciL
a weird hyperactivity,,my desk is getting warmer... and i write with deeper marks..
0ooops..the rest is too private to discuss here! =)

something infiniteLy interesting


something infiniteLy interesting

agonizing on a distant scenery
such site can contain thee
hopes hang on the crescent of the moon,,
shut down the senses before it bLooms...
caLLing aLL gLitters
butterfLy kisses
the winter snow couLD not haLt
these warm tears and she,
cracks into pieces,,,
strapped and embraced
by thorn pretensions,,
this picture beLongs to a beautifuL frame
dreaming can coLLapse on the strength of admiration

Sunday, December 04, 2005

=) if you say so

something infiniteLy interesting

You Are 70% Weird
You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

who are you? when wiLL you be through?

something infiniteLy interesting

it is tiring to continuaLLy know not what to do..

very very exhausting



fed up,,
time and time again
but i can not surrender
but i dont want to stay this way
are you sober enough
to hear me say,
i stiLL care..
just Like then...?
was there any change?
what can you remember?
was anything from then
reaL..was it actuaLLy reaL?
how did you get over?
how did you get over?
Let me know
though i never wanna get over
time and time again onLy you
i stiLL care for you
how did you??
teLL me.. how did you??

If everything could ever feel this real forever

Friday, November 25, 2005

something infiniteLy interesting

nakakapagod gumawa ng thesis proposaL!
pano pa kaya pag thesis proper na?
tinatamad na ko..

Sunday, November 20, 2005


thunder of nonSense words
bLEeding scepter's wound
Let the oLd pen cry
i wiLL sLide to your side
two-feet throne
she's caSting pitiful stare
withdrawal of emotions
in a freesien scent
Faking tears of
excruciating pain
enveloped melodrama
in the darkest avocation

afternoon bLues
i don't know you
not used to feeding clues

jeweLed paLm
two-feet stare
fruStration's trophy
of stranger's thought

Monday, November 07, 2005

sometimes God gives us
an orange when we asked
for an appLE because
He knows that the season
won't give us the sweetest one.
everything is BeautifuL in His own time

im'ona share to you one of the saddest thing ive ever read...
sobrang una ko tong nabaSa uhm,, mga 2nd year highschooL ako,, basta nung time na yun una din akong na-addict sa 10 things i hate about you,,,
tapos,, coLLege nabasa ko uLi to sa Laboratory manuaL ni dociLE,,, tsk tsk,, feLLow hopeLEss-romantic.. =)
--syempre hindi naman ako nakakareLAte.. pero pag maLungkot diba,, it's so easy to get your sympathy

whenever i looked at you
i feel sudden sadness
because i know you're someone who could never be mine
maybe you have noticed the sudden changes i'm having lately
i couldn't handle it anymore
i can't go on pretending
i hate myself for not being able to admit
i'm too afraid of the consequences that are bound to happen
you're smile keeps on haunting me
my mind is telling me to forget you, but how?
for long i have loved you in silence
i tried to show it hoping that you'll soon see
yet you are blind
or maybe you're just not ready for something like this
or maybe you're waiting for my move
a move that might never happen
the distance between us is getting bigger
i couldn't do anything but to admire you from a distance
i know whatever happens you and i will remain just a dream
only in my dreams i can hold you
only there i can tell you're mine
but when that dream is finally over
reality creeps through my heart
and says you're someone who never be mine

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Love for music, passion,paramita and jm

one of the best tugtugan nights ever =)

nag umpiSa sa imago dyan sa Sm-dasma.. okay goodLuck naman sa 1530 ng start no? so ayun
at 2 hours Late siLa aia, zach at tim.. daLa niLa bahiSta ng chicosci?ata? --La si myrene,, may
gig kasi sa ibang

LupaLop sandwich e,,

so nagumpiSa sa "permiso... permiSo,,... permiSO sa isang

araw na makaSama ka... abiSo ng pusong buLag na humahanga..." .... yes,, my oh my TANING!!!
ganda ng

boSes ni aia!! diwata sya grabe!
marami siLang kinanta,,, karamihan gaLing sa TAKE TWO na aLbum,, AKAP ever,, syempre! =)
PHOENIX, FREEFALL, BIHAG, yung iba gaLing sa unang aLbum,, IDLIP--mas gusto ko yung sa
cd na version,, may vioLin pa kasi yun,, at ang ever infamous RAINSONG --okay,,, here comes the
rain.. do you see it comin' ?
and wow to wrap it aLL up with their LAtest singLE out: ANINO,,, aia Laid her guitar to rest
and DANCED on stage! as in!!! wwwwooooooooo,,, syempre react mga tao!!
sexy pa man din nya,,, haaiii,, at napakaganda nya nung LadLad na hair nya,,

syempre focuSed din ako kay Zach,, naku, kakaiba dating nya,, basta,, at grabe ang gaLing nya
taLaga magDRUMS,,, i was swept away.. gusto kong makidrums sa kanya right then and there!
ang gaLing taLaga,, kokopyahin ko sana yung ending ng AKAP kasi nga pina-practice namin
kaso waLA na-mesmerize ako e!!
so si tim..una kong nakita,, LAking tao ba naman,.. i wonder kung niLApitan namin sya, maaLALa
nya kaya na kami yung nang istorbo sa kanya sa parking Lot nung ROCKESTRA?! bait nya,,
pLeasant taLAga.. =)
so ayun,, mga 1830 natapos,, at medyo nadudurog na ang puso ko nun,,,,,


so from dasmariƱas, cavite nagLAkbay kami papuntang enchanted kingdom Sta. Rosa, Laguna --
on the way,, rinig namin sa NU Live patch from ek,, SUGARFREE tumutugtog,,,i was very anxious
kasi ang gusto ko taLagang mapanood mag perform ay PARAMITA! --sa pagkakaaLAm ko 1900
siLa tugtog,, so ayun durog na nga puso ko,, kasi kaLa ko di ko siLa maabutan.. =(
mabiLis yung byahe THANK GOD! ,, pagkatapos ng session
ng sugarfree, medyo chika chika yung mga dJ's ng NU,,
na yung tumutugtog pagdating namin,, ang
ganda ng vox niLa =) naghahanap pa kami ng magandang
spot nun,,

baLE 5th band na chubibo di namin naabutan DICTA
LICENSE(with pochoy ever crush ni kre) JUAN PABLO
DREAM, 6CYCLEMIND (sayang di ko pa siLa napapanood ng Live) SUGARFREE (sa radyo
Lang namin napakinggan, kei na rin kasi gaLing gaLing naman ni EBE nung rockestra)

-- nung nakita ko na si ria: vox/drummer!!( --astig diba?) nasiyahan na agad
ako!! cute
nya.. though parang maputLA sya,, she was wearing orange,, pareho siLa ni aLsey--the bassist..
and kanina napanood ko sa MTV hanging out pareho nanaman siLA ng kuLay-.. op si Normz?
ayun,, aLive ang mga tao nung siLa nagperform! grabe,, gaLing ni ria.. and what i Like about their
music is hindi nag sasapawan yung bass, Lead and drums,, rinig mo Lahat,, maLinis din siLA
tumugtog! for the nth time.. ang saya!!!

kaLa ko may break pa,, dati kasi ganun,, 3 sessions yun,, may atLEast 30 mins break,,hindi pa
kami kumakain,,, kasama ko si Lj and czar,, dapat mag take out kami sa j'bee waLtermart.. sabi
ko kay Lj,, "yaw ko i-jeopardize yung chance na maabutan ko PARAMITA. =)"

--hindi ko naman taLAga masyadong pansin tong banda na to,, though naaaLiw din
naman ako sa kanta niLang EWAN KO and TENSIONADO.. pero nung nagperform siLA,, aba
ang vox hyper!! hmm,, nasobrahan sa atp! =)
kakaaLiw sya,, kuha nya mga tao,, at mukhang adik sya sa ITCHYWORMS,, nood kasi taLaga sya e..

ai matindi 'to,,not everyone Loves spongecoLa,, especiaLLy guys,, some
find them too,,
meLanchoLic,, but i Love them, as much as i Love yaeL ang their Lyrics! (see? much of a
hopeLess romantic here!)
they started with a bLAst,, LUNES -- i Like that song,,
**screaming girLs** dami kasi babae sa bandang unahan kaya ayun,, magkano daw si yaeL??
kiLig na kiLig siLa,,, uhmm kami pALa.. =) cute nga rin paLa yung guitarista niLa! =)mapayat nga
Lang.. hihi,, mukhang babae..
kanta din niLA: GEMINI -of couRse..KLSP and UNA (sana tinugtog na Lang niLa NEON,, pero
wag niLa i-out kasi i Love that so song so much (so na much pa!) yaw ko maging gasgas
masyado! okay,,, to top it aLL of,, he aLso put down his guitar and sing aLanis-Ly (maLikot sa
stage!) but ooopss,, girLS screamed Louder!! uh-oh his fLy was open,, my gosh... that smiLe on
his face was priceLess when he found out that it was open so, such cute smiLE from a guy who aLways has his
eyebrows cLose together >=l

--- 27000 years ko na siLang naririnig,, dami kasi kong kaikiLaLa na gusto siLa..
yung kanta niLang AKIN KA NA LANG-- naku,, mga LaLaking naninira ng karibaL tsktsk,, pero
cute ng kanta niLa,,, di ko Lam yung iba,, pero
pansinin taLaga sa kaniLa yung Lead niLa na kaLiwete! ,, okay,,as in baLiktad yung gitara nya!!
=) and performer din ang dating niLa with their "coordinated" get up: poLo with necktie..

ORANGE AND LEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just Love them so...
syempre ang pansin ko sa kaniLa eversince their "spLendid Lovesong" moments kakaiba kasi
siLA,, uhmm,, baLe dati ang kiLaLA ko Lang ay si MCOI and CLEM--si cLem taLaga beatLes ang
dating! basta gaLing niLa!
aba,, ang cute paLa ng DELMUNDO brothers! ACE on drums and JM on bass...haaaaiiiiiii
++swoon over jm!++
ang cute ni jm,,,,,,kakabaLiw... basta ang cute nya,,,
at ang cute nya pa,, bihira ko naman mapansin ang mga
bassist (ai di rin paLa? heLLo hunnybunch, myrene
academia and kre)
may mga kinanta gaLing sa unang aLbum,, they started off with HEY, PLEASE (cLem was on
vocaLs,, and i feLt Like i traveLLed to past!)
they aLso pLayed songs from STRIKE WHILST THE IRON IS HOT -- syempre ang mga naka out:
KNOWS(--i'm faLLin for this song), HANGGANG KAILAN
may iba pa siLang tinugtog na di ko Lam titLE,, but the PARTY MONSTERS ON THE LOOSE was
wrapped up with ARMAGEDDON IS COMING TO TOWN,, okay sayaw ng sayaw yung nasa
unahan ko gusto ko na siLang ituLak,, don't rub your eLbow against me when i'm trying to focus
everybit of my senses to JM okay?!!?!?

bago tumugtog yung itchyworms.. nag dispLay ng fireworks,, ang ganda paLa pag maLApit..
basta parang canopy mo taLaga yung fireworks,,, haaii,, sorry mother nature,, sorry ozone Layer! =)
sorry sLEeping sta. rosa!

so since commute kami,, past 0200 na ko nakauwi,, di naman paLa ko deads sa tatay ko,, but my
mother was stiLL up,..waiting for me.. awww so sweet..

something infiniteLy interesting

Friday, October 28, 2005


Movie to see:

---DOOM --- if it's stiLL showing? gwapo ni karL urban

Album to Listen to:

++gaLing gaLing,, taLaga,, ganda ng new tattoo.. tsaka saiLing,, tsaka Lahat na!!

CD/DVD to rent:

--- SABRINA starring audrey hepburn
--- EDWARD SCISSORHANDS starring JoHnnyDepp

+kakapanood ko Lang kasi Last week,, gusto ko Lang mapanood nyo din tapos pag kwentuhan natin
Website to check out:
+waLa Lang,, baka kaiLanganin mo ng synonyms, speLLing, transLation, usage,, =) makakatuLong yan!

book to read:
-basta hanapin mo sa bookstore tapos basa bashin mo Lang =)
food to eat(or atLeast try to):

+masarap yan,,, nadiscover ko yan muLa sa WEAL =)

random thing to do:

---pansinin mo naka ubos yan ng oras =) ..kakamiss siLA no?

Monday, October 24, 2005



sakit sakit ng braso ko!!

particuLarLy my extensor carpi radiaLis brevis(i Looked it up of courSe!)

since it's semestraL break,, i tried to get into as much activities as i couLd
ayunn,, bukod sa pagtuLong ko sa gawaing bahay,, sinamahan ko ang ina ko na mag-grocery!
(patawarin sana ko ng tagLish haters!)

at pag uwi,, naki badminton ako sa mga batang nagLaLAro sa tapat ng bahay namin,,
tapos kinusot ko pa uniform ng kapatid ko!
ayan,, nabigLa ang muscLE ko! =( kaya sLightLy dysfunctionaL ang right arm ko at pinapractice ko uLit na pangsuLat ang kaLiwa ko!

--bumiLi na ko ng fLoss,, ang cute kasi maLiit Lang yung case,,=) share ko Lang

Sunday, October 23, 2005


according to friendster bLog,, i've upLoaded up to maximum number of 50 photoS this month!
ayan,, dito ko na Lang ipapakiLaLa sa inyo si bLush (white) courteSy of tatay tek(whom we're missin so!), and benny the bLue(you know his coLor by now) courteSy of mari

bLush: kasi roSy cheeks sya kaya yun bininyag ko sa kanya
benny the bLue: benny the____ ---pinag iSipan pa niLa yan,, syempre kaLA ko naman "benny the bunny" ,,, aba bLue daw! kasi bLue sya,,, ah ewan ko,, siLa que ang nag binyag sa kanya!!

so ayan,,, i'm from the rabbit year 1987! =)

something infiniteLy interesting

Thursday, October 20, 2005

naubos na yun dentaL fLosS ko...

nakakita ako kanina ng shooting star,, sobrang biLis nawaLa,, nung magwi-wish ako, nareaLize ko na natupad na yung LAgi kong wini-wish dati,, =) na-mentaL bLock ako kasi di ko maiSip anu yung 2nd wish ko,, kaya yun,, di ko aLam kung anu guSto ko =)

medyo cLoudy na,,

guSto ko gumiSing ng maaga in Case makita kong maLAki yung buwan,, kaso gibbouS na kaya di ko sure kung makikita ko pa ring
yun sa umaga...

bigayan na ng cLAsscards bukas,, haaaiii goodLuck sa mga ka-grade-an ko dyan!!

change of LifeStyLE na!!!!!!!

something infiniteLy interesting

Monday, October 17, 2005

muSicaL fuLLmoon

something infiniteLy interesting

it aLL concLude to this:

grabe ang GALING GALING niLa!

+LyLo on drums
+boton on bass
+tata "the guru" on Lead and vocALs

===swoon swoon swoon===
i caught my jaw hanging severaL times during their performance
and wow oh wow to my mentor who can pLAy both the drums and guitarS!
and pLAys it soooooooo goooood!
i had a 30 minute sort of idiot's guide to pLAying the drums-LEsson with him LAst night!
--and he couLd be a reaLLy effective teacher!
we didn't get the chance
to taLk to the bassist but from what i know,, he's a fine inveStment of kuya tata's
kuya tata of courSe
okay now to the GURU
very taLented,,
juSt sooo taLented!
he made singing and pLAying guitar Look so easy,,
and i can not forget to mention his jaw-dropping singing taLEnt!!
**wow taLAga**
i wish to see more of their performanceS
haaaiii three to caSt,, i'm so proud to be affiLiated to them
****and more performanCes****
LEt us not forget to mention the (cLap cLap cLap) aweSome singing voice of kuya mic!!
wooo hoooo,,, pang VocaList taLaGa!
there was aLso this other kuya-which-i-didn't-get-the-name-for-some-reaSon who aLso gave guitar LEssons to Lj and kre that night, who by the way aLso sings good
and this other kuya-same-as-the-above who pLayed good muSic,, and d*mn their hands are juSt so,,, just so Like their hands ,,, overLy-taLented! (--is that gramiticaLLy aLLowed?)
okay,, kre wanted us to pLay so hard that's why she asked mother dear if it was okay to rent instruments that night
i thought we couLdn't make it..due to vox-mother-technicaLities but then again we survived dahhahaha--actuaLLy they did,, i didn't,, see i was busy meeting my mentor for the firSt time,,
WEaL rock! LEss yshang and me,, =)
they pLayed practiced songs such as
when i'm thinking about you
(appLause appLause)
i spent aLmost 15 hourS at rue's and was awake tiL 7 am!

101705mon224109 images for your blog

chat chat chat!! adiktus sa pag ch-chat na mga kLasmeyts Lang rin naman ang ka-chat!!


haaii,, sana bigLang may magpa deLiver dito ng drumSet!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

nothing's good today!!
poor sLeep
bad morning
poor internet connection
bad cough
worse tv shows,,
poor wits
bad research proposaL
bad headache
poor stamina
bad runnynose
i can't get anything done this morning... grrrrrr

Friday, October 07, 2005

buti na LAng tapos na ang Linggong ito! mas nakaka-pressure tong week na to kaysa sa finaL week,, syempre Long exams! -- tapos dami requirements na dapat tapusin,, at Least pag finaL week na, nkapagreview ka na week before dahiL sa mga Long exams..
haai,, pwede ng magpuyat na pressure-free! =) at swimming pa bukas,,, y'ey!


something infiniteLy interesting

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

something infiniteLy interesting

: :DaiLy bread: :
You hear oh Lord, the desire of the affLicted;
You encourage them and You Listen to their cry,
defending the faithLEss and oppresSed
in order that man who is of the earth may terrify no more
: : daiLy events: :
LAst meeting na paLA sa reed namin, LAte pa ko ng 45 minutes...
or 50?
quiZ bee sa hiSto! go hubbies!!
exam sa biochem LAb--hmm sige na nga kunwari may naisagot!
exam sa HistoLogy Lab.. tsk tsk di ko aLam yung staining
-kinuha ko yung mga sobrang sLides!
Diabetes meLLitus!! wooo hooo,, i need some inSuLin ^_^
nakita ko si kreeeSs
cordon bleu na naman Lunch ko for the nth time
tsk tsk,, kakuLangan na sa fibers!
namiss ko na mag offLine bLog... mas may sense,,, mas may feeLings,, mas napagiisipan!
: :L S s : :
everything's gonna be aLright
: : random thoughts : :
(i breathed more than a coupLe times before continuing with this bLog, so heLp me God)
i'm back to my oLd habits of "crush dyan" "pakiLig dito" since this four chambered organ they caLL "heart" doeSn't beLong to anyone okay? i own it. not that i'm too seLfish to share it, i wiLL-- LAter,,,
hopefuLLy with someone who can share his currentLy Loafer heart as weLL..
but that's NOT MY POINT..
what i'm Saying is,, it's nice to have that ehem,, sugar of a smiLe thing goin' on,, tsk tsk,, too much sugar!
nice hair, taLLer than he seemed to be, timid, good basketbaLL skiLLs, weird(--same here!)
and stiLL Looks good even if i find the coLor of his shirt duLL
i shouLd be studyin by now..
speciaL thanks to bobbie pearL caLLeja, Victor pauLo sta. Maria , weaL of courSe
and most especiaLLy to Ms chernabyL tibayan for LEtting me share my :
i-wanna-jump-dance-sing-smiLe-huggs-kiLig of a moment
with you =) it means a Lot to me,, you serve as my insuLin shots
DISCLAIMER: this story is for bLog purposes onLy,
characters and events are just pureLy fictionaL! =P

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005

forward ni vin =)

something infiniteLy interesting

the penciL maker toLd the penciLS 5 important Lessons.

first,, everything you do wiLL aLways Leave a mark
second,, you can aLways correct the mistakes you make
third, what is important is what is inside you
fourth,, in Life you wiLL undergo painfuL sharpenings which wiLL make you a better penciL
fifth,, the most important of aLL is to be the best penciL you can be,you must aLLow yourseLf
to be heLd and guided by th Hand that hoLds you



Monday, September 19, 2005

oLdies but goodies =)

<<<<<------------ jhe and khadz, DSWD daycare center

beLow: grade 3 Christmas party..

paki hanap naLAng: jerry, jigs , kris,

que, jaime, edgar

something definiteLy infiniteLy interesting 091905mon192409

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005


haai,, nagka connection na din kami sa wakas!!
=) happiness Lang,, kahit may kabagaLan

pde na...

Friday, September 09, 2005

mga ungas na tuLog =)

something infiniteLy interesting

mahaLagang baLita

Important News! (mahaLAgang baLita!)

digitaL camera
poLaroid camera**
canvas, acryLic paint, water coLour, different sizes of paint brushes,
***order of priority

these are the things that i'm pLanning to buy in time that i get a job and get paid, but i'm gLAdLy giving you the right to get these sooner than i can, and give the above mentioned as gifts. much of thanks

(ito po ang mga bagay na baLAk kong biLhin pag nakapag trabaho at sumweLdo, ngunit maLuwag ko po kayong binibigyan ng karapatan na unahan ako at regaLuhan ng mga nabanggit na bagay. maraming saLAmat po)

something infiniteLy interesting

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


: : daiLy bread : :

when i'm afraid, i put my trust in You
psaLm 56:3

: : daiLy event : :

---text twist sa phone ni tatay addcition

---too much growLing hunnybunch (babae po si hunnybunch)

---ktS na hindi na namin inabaLa

---PMN poLymorphonucLear Leucocyte

: : L s S : :

--eto as in mega todo uLtra super LAst song syndrome!

----waLang panaginip,, LiLipad tayo sa buwan...

--with matching vioLin effect... (gabi,, kiko machine)

something infiniteLy interesting

Monday, September 05, 2005


aLter reaLity with the use of your head
Life is a canvas--paint.stir up your fantasy
shouLd heaven say a word
if this what makes you happy?

haLT the search of what you dont wanna see
eavesdropping on conversations you need not to hear
break away from aLL the mundane fLux
Lax, sLAck, Lie fLAt on your back
you're the sprite of your own reverie
no one wouLD disagree
aLLow imagination to mend that sLivered hope
and bring forth thy rainbow
something infiniteLy interesting

weaL dream!!!

kaunaunahang practice sa studio!!

something infiniteLy interesting


here we are!!


something infiniteLy interesting


::daiLy bread::

Love does not seek vengeance
"don't seek vengeance. Don't bear a grudge; but Love your neighbor as
Leviticus 19:18
::daiLy events::

waLA pong pasok ngayon! wooo hooo!
mahaba ang oras para mag review (---hmmm,, nga ba?)and meet namin
ang aming guru --yey! araL ako mag gitara,,sa susunod na drums -pag
may pambayad na sa studio!
goodLuck to WEAL =)
:: LsS ::
sometimes i give myseLf the creeps...i think i'm crackin up!!
something infiniteLy interesting


something infiniteLy interesting

what is your feeL-good habit?

i Love Fr. Bel's every sundays articLe (Fr Bel R. San Luis, SVD) on the
MAniLa buLLEtin


it's aLL about happiness =)

read this everyone,, i beLieve it's reaLLy heLpfuL..

actuaLLy,, he just took this articLE (the way i'm doing it) from TIme
magazine FEb 28 05 issue

8 steps to boost happiness!!

1. Count your bLessings! --you can jot 'em down in a "gratitude journaL"
and to keep it fresh,, do it at LEast once a week =)

2. practice acts of kindness --this is a feeL-good habit everyone shouLd
reaLLy reaLLY exercise!

3. Savor Life's joys -- Pay cLOse attention to momentary pLeasures and
wonders! --Like i wouLd say it: BE APPRECIATIVE!! =)

4. thank a mentor -- hmmm,,c'mon don't be shy,,

5. Learn to forgive -- this couLd reaLLy Lighten you up,,instead of getting
wrinkLEs from frowning upon previous events that made you feeL bad,,
why not LEt go of the anger, forgive and feeL better?

6. invest time and energy in friends and famiLy -- =) seLF expLAnatory!
no man is an isLand -we aLL know that!

7. take care of your body -- getting sufficient sLEep, exercising,
stretching, SMILING, and LAughing can aLL enhance your mood in
short term.

8. DeveLop strategies for coping with stress and hardships..have you
heard of "this too shaLL pass" and "that which doesn't kiLL me makes
me stronger" -- we just have to beLive =)

have you seen LegaLLy bLonde?--remember the Line "endorphins make
you happy--happy peopLe don't just shoot their husbands."--endorphins
reaLLY does make us happy,, it's Like a happy hormone --activated
during exercise and eating sweets--hmm? ring a hersey's commerciaL

so here are some of my feeL good habitseating chocoLates, stretching
and pLaying my feeL good songs

here are some of 'em:

waLking after you -- foo fighters

echo -- incubus

poorman's grave -- eheads

LiLy -- smashing pumpkins

as Long as it matters -- gin bLossom

aLay -- imago

big me -- foo fighters

i aLso Love reading Letters from my friends =) that makes me feeL

reaLLY reaLLY good about myseLF! -- oh aLso my friendster
testimoniaLs =P

oh and i can't forget about my feeL-good shows! my oh my fave:
F.R.I.E.N.D.S -- any episode wiLL do! --with or without cohort (---weLL
better with them though)

so what's your feeL good habit? --if youre feeLin' a LittLe bLue,, why not
give in to something that can reaLLY make you happy? =)

have a happy happy day!!

(how many times did i mention the word happy and feeL good?)


something infiniteLy interesting

gaze above and see nothing but gray
sky i feeL the drops of rain
on my skin, i waLk in the middLeof the street, faces pass by
cooLer, i feeL the breeze
my warmth you took away from me
is this the peak of your objection?
you think it can not heLp me,?
what can heLp me? who can heLp me?
have you,, LateLy?

cooLer i feeL the breeze my warmth you took away from me
so it goes the thoughtsrunning, you came running
barefooted. provision or action?offer security
it goes in circLE, as the rain
wiLL go backto the serenity of the ocean
my warmth hasn't return to me
cooLer i feeL the breeze

Monday, August 22, 2005


something infiniteLy interesting
how do you Like the new face of my bLog?
ako mahaL ko na!!
ganda taLaga ng puti no?

Friday, August 12, 2005

fruit of spontaneity

i appreciate a Lot of things in Life and of course Life itseLf.

if i am not bored, i am stressed, and vice versa....

but i don't want to compLain about it, even though i'm much of a whiner

i choose what i normaLLy wouLdn't want to have, and yet i want it because its not what i wouLd normaLLy choose---and now you're confused


i waLk fast when i'm aLone except when my feet friends compLain with the way i cross the street...--if i
don't have an angeL i'd probabLy be dead by now.

i beLieve that this isn't my first time in the worLd..

and if it's factuaL that i just came back in this worLd now from then for some reason.. it is to taste the bittersweetness
of Life again

something infiniteLy interesting ll 081205fri035909


something infiniteLy interesting

i and few of my friends are starting a career in the fieLd of music
i am pubLicizing the 5-membered band
we wouLd gLAdLy appreciate your support to our upcoming activities

Thursday, August 11, 2005

seventeen dream

something infiniteLy interesting

i wish i were stiLL 17--and stay 17 forever!!
i hate being 18-- Like i aLways said, it's okay to turn 17 from 16,, and turn 18 to 19,, but never be 18 from 17!!!
weLL,, of course there are great things that happened in my 17th year,, though i haven't reaLLy thought of which exact event i wouLd wanna write...but damn,, there's just this great difference between 17 and 18! (or am i just overreacting?!)
seventeen sounds better!though it may seem that you're oLder for teen stuffs but too young for aduLt businesses;but if you Look at it in a positive way, it may aLso be, making fuLL use of what's Left of adoLescence-making sure you won't miss anything and at the same time preparing earLy for aduLthood!---hmm,, are we on the same pace?

but aging is inevitabLe!-- oh so sad that no one can stop it!so to be abLe to make use of the age that you reaLLy are, you just got to Live everyday to the fuLLEst! --Live more of your heart's passion and Less of your head's pretensions.take photographs, inhaLE oxygen with fuLL appreciation, sing your Lungs out and just be what you've got to be.but stiLL,,i wish i were stiLL 17,, -- oh yeah i'm a paradox

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

bLogging: gaining popuLarity...

something infiniteLy interesting

weLL,, it had been gaining popularity even before,, but since i got addicted with it just LateLy..i
concLuded that it is gaining more popuLarity than ever.

bLog, or bLogging is a form of onLine journaL.anyone can express just about anything they
through bLogging.weLL, i refer to it as my "onLine doodLEs".see during highschooL, i did a Lot
of "doodLing" mostLy at the back side my notebooks, shouLders of my books, and test papers
(though i shouLd've been answering test questions)..hmm,, weLL i stiLL do...i've known about it
for quite sometime and had an account at xanga's, but i started bLogging reguLarLy for onLy
about hALf year now. and hey, i'm enjoying it much. it has some therapeutic effect. cause if
you're not aware, i am one of those who just goes bLAh bLah bLah with writing. who cares if
anybody cares. i don't mind whether or not peopLE know about my bLog's existence. it's for
personaL pLeasure.

back to bLog's popuLarity!who wouLdn't be aware of the added feature of the very infamous
"friendster".it is now equipped with photo aLbum, cLassifinders and of course BLOG =)and
pLEase turn off the maiL aLert of your bLog's update!so those who haven't any idea of what
bLogging was, are now quite famiLiar with it.,
if you do have bLog account now, express your pecuLiarity and go update it! and if you don't,
better start one and don't waste your time reading someone eLSe's! =) --kidding of courSe