Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I miss attending small gigs pero dito,it's a huge gig and Oh I'm excited to attend. Gig na walang tapon :p
I am particularly excited to see FRANCO ~ kinda intrigued kung sino ang mag play ng instruments for Franco, you know because of the news that they've disbanded na. I missed Up Dharma Down, Sandwich and Paramita! And it's always nice to see URBANDUB play ♥. There's also this new band that I'm kinda getting addicted to now, NEVER THE STRANGERS, and hopefully they dont play too early so I can catch them live. 
I'm going w/ the boyfriend and my beautiful VZB friends so it's gonna be extra fun. But man, I know we procrastinated, pero ubusan pala ang tickets talaga! I checked 2 branches of 7/11 sa Paliparan and  2 sa GMA (well one is in Bulihan) and they're already out of VIP tickets. Even sa 7/11 sa Civic prime bldg here sa Alabang. Buti meron pa here sa Northgate! ~effort pa diba, andito lang pala sa labas ng office :)

Rock on \m/

credits to Tanduay for the photo!/TanduayRhumOfficial?fref=ts
something infiniteLy interesting

why did I not post this here?

something infiniteLy interesting

"Being in a couple is hard. And committing, making sacrifices, it's hard. But if it's the right person, then it's easy." - Marshall Eriksen.HIMYM

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now Playing...OPM

wala ko ma-share'an so dito na lang.
so there are OPM artists na medyo few years na existing, ngayon ko lang na appreciate, kasi ngayon ko lang din hinamak na pakinggan

1. Wilabaliw ~ from the defunt Queso, Ian Tayao and Robert Dela Cruz are joined by Francis Magat and Luis Isok. I don't know how to describe their music, pero for now, rock. Matagal ko na sila naririnig from boyfriend, pero akala ko kasi super loud sila, pero ayun di naman masyado. And Ian Tayao's voice,, oh love ♥ They already released their first album back in 2010. I haven't got the chance to listen to all their songs, but I'm liking them so far.

2. Never the strangers ~ okay, literally today ko lang sila pinakinggan, but I've been seeing their name everywhere ~well online and sa Festival Mall particularly(they had a show there this month lang). I didn't even get the chance to google the members' names yet pero I love their music! Sarap pakinggan on repeat :) Well, yesterday, boss was saying there's this OPM band na he thinks is good that's why signed na agad by Viva ~ well wrong ka dyan, Warner sila signed w/ haha.
I'd describe their muisc as light alternative.

3. Soju ~ (may mga  a month or so ko na din sila unang na discover) so members are: Salamin - Paolo Valenciano + Jem Manuel (december avenue) = Soju. ~last year lang ata sila na-buo, I think during Salamin's hiatus.
No vocals, just instruments. And talaga, di naman ako guitarista, pero nagagalingan ako kila Sho and Jem talaga, w/ the delay effects pa and stuff. Basta. They're different from Salamin and December Avenue. Now I don't know how to describe their music, medyo blues + rock. I love it! I love Sho,Jem,Miks and Eo hahaha. Oh I can't wait to hear them live! How nice to attend their gig, slightly boozed holding my beer up in the air while being enveloped by their awesomeness! I can totally get lost in it. Godd job boys!

something infiniteLy interesting

Friday, October 19, 2012


something infiniteLy interesting

maybe too much information to, pero ayun kwento ko lang,,
namimiss ko kasi si boss, so tinext ko sya, sabi ko sa kanya "siguro kaya namimiss kita kasi meron (period) ako. dahil sa hormones"

tapos tinanong ko sya kung namimiss nya ko,,
sabi nya oo naman..
sabi ko "gaano mo ko ka-miss?" ~ ang arte no, kailangan tanungin talaga
sabi nya: "miss kita na parang meron ako palagi. X3 ng hormones <3>
hihi wala lang yung lang. *kilig*