Sunday, June 23, 2013

CEBU / CAMOTES guide -- not

If you're looking for a travel blog to guide you on your next trip to CEBU CITY and CAMOTES well, you're in the wrong place.
But while you're here let me just share my (mis)adventure during my last visit to Cebu ♥
I'll insert tips and Do's and Don't's here and there cause I've learned some during this trip, some of them, the hard way.

We arrived lunch time at the Mactan airport. There are cabs just outside the Arrival gate, and these are the Airport Taxi and thus are expensive. So we asked (technically had Ali asked one of the guards to show us where the regular ones are at).  So we followed the directions upstairs and actually there are signs leading the way that reads "TAXI  ". It actually wasn't hard to miss but we were in a slight state of stupidity, I blame the flight, I just had to blame something.

We went straight to CASA VERDE at the Ramos branch. The closer we were, the more familiar it got. The downhill narrow street, a bit rough, was the same as I remember.
We started w/ the WATERMELON SALAD. It's not as healthy as it sounds. The dressing was heavy. But we enjoyed it. We were here to pig out anyway. And of course we had to order BRIAN'S RIBS. Ali had that, and I had the ROASTED SEASONED CHICKEN.
RIBS - very very good, soft, savory, however, not to its core, unlike the Chicken I had
CHICKEN - very tasty up to its core, lots of herbs and spices ♥

 cute graffiti right outside Casa Verde

 Next stop NICK's DOODLE STORE - D12, Borromeo Arcade bldg. F. Ramos st., Cebu City
We kinda look like 2 idiots walking back and forth Ramos w/ our heavy bags under the afternoon sun! There's a place along ramos called "CHUVA CHUVA" -- if you see this, that means you're on the other end of Ramos st. Walk the other way!
I know there's a map on their FB page, but apparently we don't know how to read maps! :p And the store is at the back side of the complex. Tip for all the doodlers out there, it's that commercial center w/ the spacious parking lot on the right side. The Borromeo Arcade bldg is in between New Ramos Center and Ipar's Restaurant. Please check Wikimapia, it's easier to find it there than google maps.
NICK AUTOMATIC shopping!! ♥

On to our next IT! -- CAMOTES ISLAND!
We took a van from SM City Cebu to Danao Port. In Cebu, these vans are called V-Hire. Fare is Php50 I think? Actually, their last stop is at the town's terminal. And ODK! Pedicab drivers mob the passengers getting off of the van! And of course they don't speak Tagalog.
Manong pedicab driver asked for Php100 for quarter of a distance of the walk we did earlier at Ramos! I think it was about 500 meters or so. Bad pedicab driver! 
We took the 5:30pm trip to Camotes Island via Jomalia Shipping. We arrived at the Consuelo Port around 7:30pm. 

V hire at SM City Cebu

MANGODLONG PARADISE lives up to its name. I'd say it's a small resort but they've utilized the space efficiently. Nice room, pool, food at the restaurant and beach front. 
The water is very clear! They only have artificial sand though, I mean, it's real sand but they got it somewhere else. We went swimming at the beach the following morning. The weather is just fine.
After breakfast, we had our CAMOTES ISLAND TOUR via habalhabal. I found a tour guide online via some blogs, his name is Eil Garrote. I wish we opted for a multicab tour instead, it would've been more comfortable, but touring the island via habalhabal was such a raw experience. And only that morning that I found out that the tour would take about 6 hours! I only alloted 3 hours for it. We didn't get a chance to visit all the  usual stops for the tour. And even had a "bf's-boardshorts-left-at-the-resort" dilema! Oh well. Tip: find out how much time you need to alot, and don't leave your boardshorts behind! 
We stopped by Santiago Bay. The beach was so beautiful. I fell inlove. It wasn't crowded, and there are just enough establishments at the shore. 

super low tide

From the beach, we went to the city proper, stopped at the BAYWALK and had a different kind of halohalo. Then a brief stop at TIMOBO CAVE. It was kinda crowded when we got there. 
We had to go back to Mangodlong Paradise to pack our bags and check out. Til now, I regret that I didn't plan this well, and didn't get the chance to enjoy all that the island can offer. 
We stayed at the HOTEL STELLA in Cebu City. Their deluxe is room is very small, but hey, fits our budget just right. We met w/ an old friend of mine, Chum. We were roommates in Makati. It was so nice of her to find time to give us an exclusive night City tour. We got to experience Cebu commute! It's so much easier because their jeepneys have "codes" depending on their route. I've seen the City before, but it's different to see it at night where there are less people and cars and stuff.

Before we bid farewell to the Queen City, I of course had to swing by the TABOAN MARKET to buy Danggit and Pusit! There arent't enough of them on a Sunday morning, I'm still thinking we went to a different place to buy Danggit back in 2009, oh well.
This has been a great experience! I love Cebu! And I still want to see more. ♥

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