Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the untitLEd song

i can't beLieve that i am so crazy about this song and i don't even it's titLe!
i first heard it sometime by june-juLy of 2003..i didn't hear it for a Long time and pLenty of other good songs were pLayed here and there. i aLmost forgot about it.but during october of LAst year,, i've been hearing it A LOT!! even my friends knew that i was getting so addicted to it.and untiL now i'm searching for the titLe of that song,, and it's getting reaLLy frustrating! it's aLways there and it makes me smiLe for a day and i wish-- God i wish to have my song pLayed

Friday, January 14, 2005

pyramids on the niLe

A restaurant in Boston.

BT and AMB alone, having dinner.

BT: We've got two senior partners basically in the respective palms of Ling and Nelle.

AMB: Come on Billy, I'll be the first to admit I pre-judged Nelle, she's a decent person, and...

BT: I'm not saying it's some evil conspiracy, but Ling upsets the balance to the extent that her business raises out all business, and Ally, if she comes in charge she'll be able to turn Richard and John !

AMB: So what do we do ?

BT: I don't know, but we're about to lose everything that we...

AMB: I think you're overreacting. (pause) Billy, what's wrong ? (he looks at her, very sad) Oh God, you're not gonna tell me you're dying or something ?

BT: I can't...

AMB: Billy, what's going on ?

BT: Umm...Remember how we said, whatever we'll become we can't be anything but truthful with each other ?

AMB: Yeah.

BT: I.... When I see you with Greg, when I see you... I love Georgia, and I've been able to do a damn good job of denying the truth... That I never loved anybody like I loved and still love you. When I saw you two kissing this morning, my insides just screamed... I can't keep this for myself anymore... I can't keep it to myself.

AMB: I think you should have.(she starts to gather her things) I'm gonna go...

BT: Ally...

AMB: Oh no, that was a little too much truth, Billy... (she leaves)

AMB running in the streets that evening.

Vonda Shepard is singing "Hundred Tears away".
011405fri162304's heaLing gem anaLysis on me

Do you have trouble following through with things?
Is it difficult for you to complete assignments for school, clean your room or make plans (and stick with them)?
Maybe you have trouble sleeping?
Then carnelian might be the stone you need...

Not just because gem healers believe it has the power to help you sleep, but because it will help you put your ideas into action.
If you have a lot of ambition, but you find yourself procrastinating, putting things off until the last possible minute, gem healers like Marilyn Twintrees would suggest that
you just need to mend the divide between your body and mind, to free yourself of the sadness, envy, fear or whatever emotions are preventing you from getting things done.
In simple terms, carnelian can help you get motivated to make your dreams a reality.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


she stared as it gLitters
the fantasy she had written
of a crumpLed drama
in the duLL tone of sepia

what passed by was a pattern
of Lines that was bLotted
waLked out of dismay
runaway from aLL the bother

come across to the meadow
from a scene Long ago
wouLd not want to be awaken
smiLes in the dream of this maiden

Monday, January 10, 2005

funniest reed cLAss

something infiniteLy interesting

reed : reLigion education

funniest... weLL take a Look:

pLace: PCH 105

characters: bot, Lj, khaz, shang

scene: we were sitting side by side from Left to right, just Like i arranged the characters.we were in our reed cLass under Mr. Musico -- oh yeah the name sings.. i mean speaks for itseLf
obviousLy these students weren't Listening

bot/ Lj: (to khaz) kring, sinong pumatay kay koko krunch?

khaz: (isip sip kunwari) sino?

bot/ Lj: SeriaL kiLLer!

nag enjoy si khaz! bumaLing sa katabi sa kanan (yshang)

khaz: (to yshang) shang, shang, sinong pumatay kay koko

shang: (kunot ang noo) ha? pinatay ba si koko krunch?!??!

(natawa si khaz ng sobrang sobra!-bumaLing sa kaLiwa at kinuwento ang pangyayari)
si yshang ay nagtataka!

shang: hah?? (kunot ang noo at nagtataka) diba si keLogs un?!??!?

tawa pa din kami!

shang: yung nasa karton?! (nagtataka pa din!)

papaliLaLa ko Lang ang mga tauhan =)

2nd from LEft, shang,khaz,Lj bot..

the guy on the other end is our friend fudge

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


one sad story Leads to a branch of thousand ideas.
funeraL wakes are pLaces for mourning, reminiscing, peace and maybe just maybe happiness; aLong with other hundred emotions feLt by peopLe Left by the one who's gone somepLAce better, weLL actuaLLy, the best pLace there is.
a 22-year young LAd passed away few days ago. i knew her. but i didn't know her-know her. i just know some few detaiLS about her because she was once my schooLmate, aLso, she was a sister of my friend. we interacted LEss than few times. she's a vesseL of fuLL potentiaL, Loved by peopLE that surrounded her.