Monday, May 18, 2015

Quick Escape to Canyon Cove with my bae

Since I didn’t have anything planned  for the summer, I got well too excited when Nelle asked that I arrange something for the two of us. She needed a quick escape; I needed an excuse.

I got us a Superior Room for Php5800 for an overnight stay with free set breakfast. I was thinking why would they call it “Superior” when this is their cheapest? When we got into the room I found the answer. It was spacious with really nice interior. The bed is huge and comfy and they were not stingy with the pillows. There’s shower and bath tub – there’s hotel shampoo and soap; but no lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste.

The veranda offers a really good view of the resort. But of course exploring the resort is the best way to judge it. I have to say it’s really a good option for a weekend getaway. The only disappointment was the set breakfast. There were only a few meals to choose from, nothing to crave or come back for.

Getting there is a no-brainer too, at least if you’re familiar with Nasugbu or have a good sense of direction – I know the person I came with didn’t have it ;p. We took the Nasugbu bus from the Coastal Mall Terminal. Its last stop is at the Nasugbu town proper – usually in front of Jollibee. If I remember right, fare is Php152 coming from Coastal Mall. There’s neither a tricycle terminal nor fixed rate for a trike ride going to Canyon Cove (at least that I’m aware of) – drivers would quote absurd fare so you should bring your haggling skills with you, better yet a car. The resort has enough parking spaces. With a bit of annoyance we paid Php80 for the 3km ride.

(going home tip for those who live in Alabang, to avoid Aguinaldo hwy Coastal/traffic, you can get off at Robinson’s Palapala/DasmariƱas and take a van going to Alabang – their route is via Daang-Hari it costs Php50)

Going back to fun. So, what I found out in my recent trip to La Union is that I’m absolutely in love with sunset while at the beach. If only it could last longer; if I could only pause it just right before the sea swallows the amazing orange red ball of fire. And the color of the sky, the orange-pink-purple glow when day meets night – everything is so beautiful! I was very excited for this cause I know Nasugbu faces the west – it certainly did not disappoint.

A lot of people care so much about swimming in the sea at night, unfortunately as soon as the sun has set, the resort prohibits it. I didn’t really mind; had I brought a jacket or a blanket, I could lie at the beach for hours.

I know I haven’t mentioned it yet, but our trip was mainly for Nelle to cry (but she didn’t), to drink and do crazy things (just partially; I was expecting more) and to take plenty of photos – at least one was accomplished. Of course we did a little bit of swimming. It was hard since it was just the 2 of us. We took turns in facing the beach to watch our belongings. Then as soon as we came out of the water we took some more photos.


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