Saturday, June 24, 2006


something infiniteLy interesting

iLL teLL the whoLe worLd
how much i want to perish
but a second of your memory
Locks me into utopian Living..

my cameo..
i pinch me..
we wake every morning,,
Looking at different ceiLings

i breathe my cameo..
tomorrow couLdn't be more bLurry
but you cLear the smoke..
Lead me, as i teLL myseLf another story..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

random thoughts

something infiniteLy interesting
tunay na father's day!
today is quite the same as aLL the other days in my Life..
but of course i reaLized a bit of growth in me..
"you are unique, just Like everybody eLse"it was reaLLy funny when i read that..i am as typicaL as everyone eLse thinking they are someone different!
we aLL have our edge over someone eLse but that doesn't mean we are more speciaL than them, cause most probabLy they have something that we want..
actuaLLy, thinking about aLL of these things frustrates me,
because i beLieve i am a major optimist!
weLL we aLL have our own opinion, i am not a smart person,, just a smart ass!! =P
i mean, my points of view are probabLy the same as everybody eLse..
what's making them unique,, probabLy is my beLief that it is.
do you get it?cause i don't!!!!!
see this is just one of those random thoughts i have that never get to my originaL point!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


something infiniteLy interesting
waw may group picture paLa na kasama ako! sino kumuha nito?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

beyond aLL doubt, we say more by saying nothing at aLL

something infiniteLy interesting

035108 ng umaga,,
2nd sunday of june fathers day..
061106 to be exact..

waLa Lang,, gising Lang ako kasi nag hibernate na naman ako!
kamusta ang matuLog ng aLAs tres ng hapon at magising ng 2am the next day?!

soundtrip ako,, kanina buong antiques aLbum ng piLot radio,,
ngayon incubus!
napakinggan ko ang ECHO,, kung san ko nakuha ang signature ng bLog ko,,,
something infiniteLy interesting =)
waLa Lang,,
sarap pakinggan,, ang gaLing kumuha ng saLita ni boyd,,mahAL nya taLaga ko,, i mean,, mahaL na namin ang isa't isa! =)

haaiii,,nakakabago ng mood ang kantang i miss you at echo! =)

ano na ba ang peyborit song ko?
bukod sa everLasting poorman's grave ng eheads?
i miss you ng incubus siguro
and new tattoo ng urbandub?

tpos pabago bago yung iba,,,,

hmm,, pagniniLayan ko nga yan minsan!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

given a day

something infiniteLy interesting

why aren't aLL things meant to be
doesn't turn into reaLity?
how can i define the hue of the bLue in you?
it is aLways sad to find the truth of you
being more than 3-miLe far..
cause we don't have a secret to keep..
but we can't speak of each other's name,,
Like a fataL speLL..
with no rescue..
and the starLight sits on your forehead
and the star dusts faLL from your eyes..
i wait with my chin resting on your shouLder
we stare at the empty space
it's meant to be that we breathe in Sync
but fate dont dare to keep me away from him again
dream, don't wake, i am Living now again
why do we aLways find ourseLves being the unfortunate oneS?
with no rescue

Thursday, June 01, 2006

cLose to the end

have you ever felt being there?
have you ever found the sunshine on your hair?
have you been under your skin?
have you ever found the beauty from within?

Like an unfamiliar song
you can hum with all your heart
but you'll never find the words

And I don't wanna wake up
Without you again, without you again, without you again

An I don't wanna wake up
Feeling so close, close to the end, close to the end... close to the end.

have you ever thought of nothing else?
as I wake up each day until the moment I lay my head on my bed
And as I close my eyes and cling to my pillow
though you're miles away I still wait for the day that would never come

the stars are bound to die
it all makes no sense
I can't take the chance
i don't want to see you go, see you go...
something infiniteLy interesting