Thursday, June 08, 2006

given a day

something infiniteLy interesting

why aren't aLL things meant to be
doesn't turn into reaLity?
how can i define the hue of the bLue in you?
it is aLways sad to find the truth of you
being more than 3-miLe far..
cause we don't have a secret to keep..
but we can't speak of each other's name,,
Like a fataL speLL..
with no rescue..
and the starLight sits on your forehead
and the star dusts faLL from your eyes..
i wait with my chin resting on your shouLder
we stare at the empty space
it's meant to be that we breathe in Sync
but fate dont dare to keep me away from him again
dream, don't wake, i am Living now again
why do we aLways find ourseLves being the unfortunate oneS?
with no rescue

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