Thursday, June 01, 2006

cLose to the end

have you ever felt being there?
have you ever found the sunshine on your hair?
have you been under your skin?
have you ever found the beauty from within?

Like an unfamiliar song
you can hum with all your heart
but you'll never find the words

And I don't wanna wake up
Without you again, without you again, without you again

An I don't wanna wake up
Feeling so close, close to the end, close to the end... close to the end.

have you ever thought of nothing else?
as I wake up each day until the moment I lay my head on my bed
And as I close my eyes and cling to my pillow
though you're miles away I still wait for the day that would never come

the stars are bound to die
it all makes no sense
I can't take the chance
i don't want to see you go, see you go...
something infiniteLy interesting

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