Friday, May 27, 2005

street edition: i've aLways had a thing against.....

something infiniteLy interesting

i've aLWays had a thing against:

--mga matatandang may kasama na bata, tapos mabiLis magLakad na nakakaLadkad na yung kasama niLa

--yung mga mahahabang buhok ng babaeng pasahero sa jeep na katabi ko tapos dumidikit sa braso ko yung buhaghag niLAng buhok--grr taLAga!!!

--namamaLimos,,, ayoko i-toLerate yun, it's not safe on the streets!!

--stray spit!!!!!!!!!!! --gross!!!!!!!!!!

--mga pakaLAtkaLat na bakLA na naka spaghetti straps tapos maLaki yung tiyan and braso na kuLay kaLawang yung buhok!!!!!!!!!!

--kasakay sa jeep na manong na may overpowering na pabangong hindi naman kanais nais!! tapos kuLot pa yung manong and mahaba yung buhok!! parang goons!!!!!!!!!

~~~ 7 HABITS ~~~


---this is from candy girL workbook....

1 drink 8-10 gLasses of h2O everyday. water fLushes out the toxins from your system and wiLL keep your skin hydrated and heaLthy.

2 exercise for at Least 30 minutes everyday. it brings bLood and nutrients ti the skin and tones those muscLEs!

3 get pLEnty of sLEep--you'LL Look and feeL great! try an aromatherepy piLLow for some soothing dreams

4 wear sunscreen. the sun is especiaLLy harsh nowadays so gurard your skin!

5 Load up on fresh fruits and veggies. the organic way to yummy, gLowing skin!

6 Don't smoke, smoking destroys the vitamin C that keeps your skin Looking young and heaLthy. it wiLL definiteLy age your skin!

7 reLAx and unwind. say goodbye to the stress on your Life. Light a scented candLE, dim the Lights, and put on your fave meLLow CD, then drift off into the worLD of serenity.

discLaimer: sabi Lang yan ng candy ...syempre go for whatever works for you!! pero i strongLy agree on numbers 1 and 6,,

something infiniteLy interesting

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


something infiniteLy interesting

: : daiLy bread : :

You, my brothers, were caLLEd to be free. But o not use your freedom to induLge the sinfuL nature; rather, serve one another in Love.
: L s s : :
bizarre Love triangLe
i'm waiting for the finaL moment you say the words that i can't say...
: : daiLy events : :
waLAng kwenta!!! --routine ang araw na to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
huLing text message na na-receive:whenz,,
-------2m nLn khadz,pra Lhat ng pics nsa comp na.. dko p kc nLa2gay Lhat s comp, ΓΌ mga ftrnun ka pnta 2m.. :)
: : random thoughts : :

=======????? =======
{{{if i couLd choose any name for myseLF it wouLd be.....}}}
+ jeLo
+ juLia/n/ne
+ khaz pa rin... khadz =P
{{{if i couLd Live in just one pLace forever, i'd choose to Live in}}}
+ Capuchin Retreat Center Lipa, Batangas ==dami roses dun!!==
+ or sa NASA (basta sa isang pLAnetarium or observatory)

{{{the most perfect pet in the worLd wouLd be a......}}}
not much of a pet Lover,, pero siguro PANDA
{{{ a perfect way to spend a day wouLd be....}}}
-start of with a good run in the morning (with atom arauLLO!!)-kumain ng mga paborito kong pagkain,,,, hmmm caesar saLad,,, and pizza sa sbarro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -catch my fave shows on tv-nature trippin' (na may maLinis na CR)check my maiLbox,, and Logon to friendster.. catch up with friends-spend sometime night sky gazing
{{{my super secret ambition is to be a...}}}
haLA,, hindi na secret yun pag sinabi ko!
{{{when i go to sLeep, i Love dreaming about....}}}
HFA,,,kasama mga friends and hayskuL kLasmeyts =( kakamiss
{{{i've aLways been afraid of.....}}}
yung mga aso pag nagaaway siLa tapos kita yung ngipin and giLAgid niLA ---gets mo??? basta yung nakakatakod dumaan pag may riot yung mga aso!!! ang hirap expLain!!!

{{{some of my favorite scents in the worLd:}}}
issey miyake
gap dream
pantene conditioner
vioLEt na pantene shampoo (yung amoy saging)
victoria's secret garden strawberries and champagne
yung amoy ng bagong LAbang damit!
yung sabon na tomato and miLk sa FRESH,,,
bagong Linis na CR --- <>
oo weird,, at Least ndi ako addict sa photo-copied na papeL!!! buti na LAng di to binabasa ni que

Sunday, May 22, 2005

stupid diskette

grrr,,, hindi pa din gumagana ng maayos diskette ko!!
ang dami ko pa man ding bagong ka-adikan!!
nagsimba ko kanina!!--nagsimba ka ba?!
hirap bumangon ng maaga!!
++ maLapit na mag fuLLmoon,,,++
waLa pa ko masyadong nagagawang kakaiba LAteLy,
haaiiii,, boring!!
something infiniteLy interesting


Someone's gone away
Someone's gone away
Too soon
Did they take him
Up to Heaven
Or did they take him
To the moon?
Nobody answers
all her questions
So she gazes at the skies
Maybe someday
When she's all
Grown up
She'll join them
In their lies.
And just before
She turns away
She crafts a little smile:
"someday i will take this flowers to the sky"

something infiniteLy interesting

Thursday, May 19, 2005


rose's 19th birthday

---hmmm,, kALa namin hinigop na ng toiLet bowL si mari =)

something infiniteLy interesting

Friday, May 13, 2005


nagtatangatangahan yung diskette ko kaya di ko ma upLoad yung mga offLine bLog ko =(
something infiniteLy interesting

Thursday, May 12, 2005


out of 6 of my diskettes aren't woking properLy!!


: : DaiLy bread : :

you have made known to me the path of Life; you fiLL me with joy in your presence
-psaLm 16:11

: : L s S : :

--- i don't have a song for the moment
( i wiLL perish in the absence of music)

: : DaiLy events : :

na-greet ko na ba ang (probabLy onLy) viewer ko?? hi jed emiL viLLAvicencio or,, baka ate ko din?? hi jie jie happy birthday vir
i am bored i hate thursdays!!

i over-sLept!! (maybe the cause why i am having such a bad mood)
i defLated my baLLoons and Left a powder bLue one and the pink one
i need a new penciL

as of 051205thu200837 my baLance is 8.80i aLso have 0 remaining free Texts!!
hubbies went swimming,, i stayed home and watched meteor garden!! (tsk tsk tsk)
my ringtone used to be xavier, jhe and jo's version of FuLL house's 3 LittLe bears, i switched back to oLd phone,,,
my brother asked me if i stiLL have that U2 wth or without u ringrone.. (of course!)

i once was a subscriber of:

touch mobiLe and smart

i am currentLy a gLobe subscriber with an aLter-sim of Sun ceLLuLar =D

Did yOu kNow tHat.......
this girL commits 5-7 of the cardinaL sins (or the 7 deadLy sins)a point of two in a day?

but she stiLL prays every waking moment, before and after meaLs, before she goes to bed,, and
some more points in between... (beLieve it or die!!!!!)

: : random thoughts : :

back to prose and strawberry juice
i am back to prose because i am having a hard time pLacing my thoughts in verse...i was trying to put my feeLings and thoughts in verse, rhythm and everything eLSe poetic, but then i faiLEd,, seems Like the right hemisphere of my brain is asLeep

i tried HAiku -- it's a form of japanese poetry of 3 Lines, in syLLAbLes of 5,7,5
but then it's hard when you faLL in Love with beautifuL words, then you tend to forget that your purpose was to Lay your feeLings and thoughts in poetry. two words: not working!
another thing, i'm aLso having a hard time with rhymes!

i don't know, sometimes it comes out spontaneousLy,,but most of the times i have to reverse the whoLe stanza just to get the rhymes right---and then i Lose my point

SO that's the reason why i am back to unfiLed prose...oh the strawberry juice??-- i finished one titLe just reads better with it...

----------------may kanta na ko!!!-----------------------------------------------------

fiLL her!!!
---you're staring at my souL, my sanity you stoLe,,,though i can't see you,, i caN feeL you,,, when i get near aLL my feaRs disaPpear,, and i won't be aLone anYmore...
the b3st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

something infiniteLy interesting

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


we're under the same canopy of glitz,,,

i can never be too far...

something infiniteLy interesting

Sunday, May 08, 2005

===haLf empty/ haLf fuLL ===

Last song sydrome:


sabihin sa kin Lahat ng Lihim mo,,, iingatan ko
ibaLing sa kin ang probLema mo,,, kakayanin ko

: : random thoughts : :

the end of the river is vast approaching, and i am not yet prepared to take the faLL,,,

: : DaiLy events : :

haai,,, hindi ko matanggihan ung digitaL bath pag nakikita ko sa pLay List ko!!!--it pinches my numbness i want to be wrapped with the souL of its music,,basta,, parang naturaLLy high ako pag nariririg ko yun!!!
<<<< drums ="(">>>>
oist nakapag simba ako...

3 points nung misa:

[[ascension (or yung mga habiLin ata nung nag ascend si Christ)]]


[[mother's day]]
----at mainit taLaga sa simbahan!!!------------


something infiniteLy interesting

Monday, May 02, 2005

sLightLy addicted

something infiniteLy interesting

where have you been?
pondering again?
you know so weLL
how unheaLthy too much of that can be
how far can we be?
but aLL you ever wanted was to be taken away
aLone with the stars,, and maybe with the breeze
fLoat away with me, wiLL you?

how far shouLd they be?
granted to be solitary ...
who wiLL fLoat with me?


Sunday, May 01, 2005


: : DaiLy bread : :
give yourseLves to God... surrender your whoLe being to Him to be used for righteous purpoSes
--Romans 6:13
: : DaiLy happening : :
-Labor day!!! --
-HINDI NAGSIMBA!!! tsk tsk tsk
: : LAst song Syndrome : :
deep inside of you..............
i don't want to caLL you,, but then i wanna caLL you,,
I don't wanna crush you, i feeL Like crushing you...
: : Random thoughts : :
syempre gg Lang yung "daiLy" --kasi hindi na rin ako araw araw nakakapag bLog!!
pero kumbaga--session basis yun (gets?)
nakapag summer sLAm din ako-sa wakas!! waLa Lang,,, natupad din ang Last year's frustration ko..pero may mga guiLt-feeLing na kasama yun,,,pero may inuumpisahan nga ako na kahit papaano,, try ko naman payagan sariLi kong magawa ang gusto ko without having to consider other's deLight or to compromise,,
ayon,,medyo na experience ko naman yung whoLe event! pagdating ko Orange and LemonS agad---sumaya tuLoy agad ako!!
nung na-kondisyon na kami,, ine-enjoy din namin yung crowd--kaso naman,, nabagsakan ako ng unidentified faLLing object--mineraL water bottLe ata yun ng may buhangin,, may pasa tuLoy ako sa Likod -- i-consider ko na Lang na kasama taLaga yun sa Php180.00 hehhehe
first time ko nun makagamit ng portaLEt ba yun??--basta yung pubLic toiLet na ganong event-- ano ba yan!!!??! hindi ko ma-expLain!!! grrr... bsta,, intindihin mo na Lang!
memorabLe yung performance ng greyhoundz--pano ba naman, na-sLam taLAga kami!!
gusto ko din yung mga kiLaLA ko:
kitchie nadaL, spongecoLA, kwjan, bamboo, the dawn,, mayonnaise, 6cycLE
and sayang di ko naabutan yung pinaguusapan niLa,, shards of ice ata,,and itchyworms?
Lowbatt na din yung mga kasama ko eh gusto ko pa nung sa typecast--though hanggang dun na Lang kami (mga 3:30am n ata nun),,, may iba pang natira,, di na namin pinatuLan
AT sobrang masama ang Loob ko dahiL waLang urbandub!!!!!!!!!!!!! & sana nakasama ko rin si mhanie...

ang cute ng kantang LiLy ng smashing pumpkins--
parang ang sarap magLakad sa brick road na naka sunny dress and maryjanes.. habang hinahangin hangin ang iyong Long curLy Locks! tapos kumakain ng sundae icecream!
---waLa share ko Lang,,,
something infiniteLy interesting