Friday, May 27, 2005

~~~ 7 HABITS ~~~


---this is from candy girL workbook....

1 drink 8-10 gLasses of h2O everyday. water fLushes out the toxins from your system and wiLL keep your skin hydrated and heaLthy.

2 exercise for at Least 30 minutes everyday. it brings bLood and nutrients ti the skin and tones those muscLEs!

3 get pLEnty of sLEep--you'LL Look and feeL great! try an aromatherepy piLLow for some soothing dreams

4 wear sunscreen. the sun is especiaLLy harsh nowadays so gurard your skin!

5 Load up on fresh fruits and veggies. the organic way to yummy, gLowing skin!

6 Don't smoke, smoking destroys the vitamin C that keeps your skin Looking young and heaLthy. it wiLL definiteLy age your skin!

7 reLAx and unwind. say goodbye to the stress on your Life. Light a scented candLE, dim the Lights, and put on your fave meLLow CD, then drift off into the worLD of serenity.

discLaimer: sabi Lang yan ng candy ...syempre go for whatever works for you!! pero i strongLy agree on numbers 1 and 6,,

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