Saturday, December 31, 2016


What Does The Future Hold?
So Starbucks is asking me to set my goals for the year. Travel, exercise, learn, friends, play, adventure, experience, and family. I’d say, thanks Starbucks for giving me some kind of a guide for me to set my short term goals. I am just thankful you skipped the “career” category; otherwise I will probably descend into my “idkwhattodowithmylife” blues. Great, thanks self for bringing that up.
Anyway, there’s actually this “30 Turning 30 To Do List” that I am trying to come up with. Obviously it’s just going to be for the first quarter of 2017 and I am actually planning on accomplishing what’s on there as soon as I finish the silly list. And I will soon! I already have 29 things in there (but some might be taken off) and some stuff that’s shortlisted. I’m giving other people a chance to suggest a thing to do, so as soon as I make up my mind, I will make that list official. Please do not expect much. I wanted to make sure it stays realistic and something that I can accomplish within the next 4 months with my 40 hour/week job.
Going back to the Starbucks questionnaire, I think I will take this seriously. Like actually think what I want for 2017 and maybe will stick to it. Eyes on the prize.   
TRAVEL  - I promise to stay away from Cebu Pacific’s website especially when they are on sale! I do have a trip booked for the month of March. I also pitched a quick Baler (yes again, for me) trip with Boss by February. Other than those two, God help me, hope there wouldn’t be any other impulsive booking for 2017. Another local trip by 3rd quarter maybe, and I guess that should be it.
EXERCISE – How long have I wanted abs like mother Kayla (Itsines). Her program is only for 12 weeks, yet here I am writing about it instead of actually starting it (again for the nth time).  I don’t think I want to set any kind of goal about exercise. I don’t know. My main obstacle is my laziness. Instead of writing an exercise goal, I will find a "motivation to move" goal if that makes sense.
LEARN – One of the things listed in my 30T30TDL is to learn a song playing the guitar. I’ll try my best! Wish me luck. 
FRIENDS – I know I spend too much time with Team Gastritis compared to my other friends. It’s just that they are the most kaladkarin group of people I know right now. I really want to spend some quality time with my highschool barkada, but they can’t even say hi on Viber. So, I’ll just wait til they set something up, and try my best to be available. 
ADVENTURE – I know there are plenty of things to do that would constitute as an adventure, but most of them burn pockets. That March travel I mentioned is actually a Solo Trip. I will consider that as my adventure for 2017. As to the specifics of what I’ll do during that trip, I will (or will not) let you know.
PLAY – Seriously, what is this? Instrument? Sports? Have fun? Wow fun, came last. I’m sure I’ll write something down as soon as I figure out what Starbucks is looking for in this category.
EXPERIENCE – I am so open to anything that I will not limit my experience goal to the ones that’s on my 30T30TDL. This, I will focus on more. 
FAMILY – I want to spend more time with my niece and nephews. Yeah yeah, brothers and sisters too! As to having my own, not something I can tell would happen by 2017. 

There Starbucks. Goals --- I think they unfold as life happens. I am not going to put a boundary to what I should accomplish for 2017 with the things I have written here. So whether I should claim this will be my year or not, it’s still my life. Every year should be my damn year!
Bye 2016, you have been sufficiently costly.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The “We did not surf in Baler” Post

I know right! Andun na kami tapos di pa nag-surf. In my defense, masunurin lang kami. The weather was bad and may warning daw yung munisipyo na bawal mag surf. Marami pa din sumuway, but we did not risk na lang.

So bago ang lahat, let’s talk about getting there.
We got our JoyBus tickets online:
This site is less popular pero I was able to book smoothly. They have credit card option which is processed via PayPal). Their Baler route departs from Genesis Cubao terminal.

We booked one night at budget lodge “Surfer Girls Lodge” and one night at the luxury resort, Costa Pacifca. I wish I came across Charlie Does Inn when I was searching for rooms! That hotel/motel was cutie! I can’t find prices online though. But I will definitely call them when I plan a trip back to Baler. It gave me “Flotsam Jetsam of La Union” feels.

Due to the inclement weather, we were not able to see some of the other attractions in Aurora. We wanted to see the Mother Falls and the Discalarin Cove but it was not possible because of the bad weather.
I would say tricycle is the most common mode of transportation within Baler. Medyo mahal lang coz it’s usually around P12 – P15 per person, depende kung saan kayo pupunta. Sana ma-regulate ito ng city. Sayang kasi, I feel like we were robbed. Like that time we
My friend has a friend whose boyfriend lives in Baler. Si friend’s bf and his cousin ang nag-tour samin. We chipped in for the gas na lang.

What we did/see during our “unfortunately cut short” trip:

Baler Signage
Museo de Baler
Donya Aurora Aragon-Quezon House
Baler Catholic Church (just the fa├žade/door, really)
Baler Hanging Bridge
Quick photo op at Diguisit Beach and Rock Formations
Ermita Hill and Tromba Marina Sculpture
Had Barbecue at Dipaculao
Saw and entered the Millennium Tree (Balete tree)
Jump off to the Mother Falls
Shopping at Baler Pasalubong Center
Samboy’s soon to be resort
Swimming at Costa Pacifica
Played Cards Against Humanity at Charlie Does Inn

Hanging Bridge
Dungaw sa bintana at Donya Aurora Aragon-Quezon's House

JoyBus Deluxe Ticket – P730
Surfer Girls Lodge – P2000 (aircon room for 3 pax)
Costa Pacifica – P6500 per night
JoyBus Semi-deluxe Ticket – P645 (wait I have to confirm if this is correct)

Eating in Baler

Oooh we all love to discover good eats when travelling don’t we. But unfortunately I have mixed/bipolar review here. Either I really enjoyed, or I was super disappointed.

Mobile Lugaw “Stall” at Labasin St.
Buffet at Chef Gerry's Picnic Bay
Barbecue at Dipaculao
Dialyn’s Bakeshop
Paddle Out Grill
Charlie Does

Wait, parang di pala kami masyado kumain! Bakit ganon? Anyway I will tell you a very sad story.
Di kami nakapag buffet sa Costa Pacifica! I know right!! So sad. Hindi kasi kami naka kuha agad ng ticket pabalik, nung bumalik kami sa Genesis Terminal, ubos na yung mga good slots na deluxe. So we took the 4:30 am trip na lang. That’s why I said our trip was cut short.
We could’ve extended if we wanted to, but Master talked us out of it, sort of. Kesho Monday would be very ma-trapik na. Costa Pacifica packed us breakfast na lang. Rice + Longganisa and eggs and fresh fruits slices. Haayy so sad. Buffet.
ps. now planning a trip to Baler in February! Sana maayos ang weather by then.
pps. next time na yung ibang pictures

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