Sunday, September 25, 2005

forward ni vin =)

something infiniteLy interesting

the penciL maker toLd the penciLS 5 important Lessons.

first,, everything you do wiLL aLways Leave a mark
second,, you can aLways correct the mistakes you make
third, what is important is what is inside you
fourth,, in Life you wiLL undergo painfuL sharpenings which wiLL make you a better penciL
fifth,, the most important of aLL is to be the best penciL you can be,you must aLLow yourseLf
to be heLd and guided by th Hand that hoLds you



Monday, September 19, 2005

oLdies but goodies =)

<<<<<------------ jhe and khadz, DSWD daycare center

beLow: grade 3 Christmas party..

paki hanap naLAng: jerry, jigs , kris,

que, jaime, edgar

something definiteLy infiniteLy interesting 091905mon192409

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005


haai,, nagka connection na din kami sa wakas!!
=) happiness Lang,, kahit may kabagaLan

pde na...

Friday, September 09, 2005

mga ungas na tuLog =)

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mahaLagang baLita

Important News! (mahaLAgang baLita!)

digitaL camera
poLaroid camera**
canvas, acryLic paint, water coLour, different sizes of paint brushes,
***order of priority

these are the things that i'm pLanning to buy in time that i get a job and get paid, but i'm gLAdLy giving you the right to get these sooner than i can, and give the above mentioned as gifts. much of thanks

(ito po ang mga bagay na baLAk kong biLhin pag nakapag trabaho at sumweLdo, ngunit maLuwag ko po kayong binibigyan ng karapatan na unahan ako at regaLuhan ng mga nabanggit na bagay. maraming saLAmat po)

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


: : daiLy bread : :

when i'm afraid, i put my trust in You
psaLm 56:3

: : daiLy event : :

---text twist sa phone ni tatay addcition

---too much growLing hunnybunch (babae po si hunnybunch)

---ktS na hindi na namin inabaLa

---PMN poLymorphonucLear Leucocyte

: : L s S : :

--eto as in mega todo uLtra super LAst song syndrome!

----waLang panaginip,, LiLipad tayo sa buwan...

--with matching vioLin effect... (gabi,, kiko machine)

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Monday, September 05, 2005


aLter reaLity with the use of your head
Life is a canvas--paint.stir up your fantasy
shouLd heaven say a word
if this what makes you happy?

haLT the search of what you dont wanna see
eavesdropping on conversations you need not to hear
break away from aLL the mundane fLux
Lax, sLAck, Lie fLAt on your back
you're the sprite of your own reverie
no one wouLD disagree
aLLow imagination to mend that sLivered hope
and bring forth thy rainbow
something infiniteLy interesting

weaL dream!!!

kaunaunahang practice sa studio!!

something infiniteLy interesting


here we are!!


something infiniteLy interesting


::daiLy bread::

Love does not seek vengeance
"don't seek vengeance. Don't bear a grudge; but Love your neighbor as
Leviticus 19:18
::daiLy events::

waLA pong pasok ngayon! wooo hooo!
mahaba ang oras para mag review (---hmmm,, nga ba?)and meet namin
ang aming guru --yey! araL ako mag gitara,,sa susunod na drums -pag
may pambayad na sa studio!
goodLuck to WEAL =)
:: LsS ::
sometimes i give myseLf the creeps...i think i'm crackin up!!
something infiniteLy interesting


something infiniteLy interesting

what is your feeL-good habit?

i Love Fr. Bel's every sundays articLe (Fr Bel R. San Luis, SVD) on the
MAniLa buLLEtin


it's aLL about happiness =)

read this everyone,, i beLieve it's reaLLy heLpfuL..

actuaLLy,, he just took this articLE (the way i'm doing it) from TIme
magazine FEb 28 05 issue

8 steps to boost happiness!!

1. Count your bLessings! --you can jot 'em down in a "gratitude journaL"
and to keep it fresh,, do it at LEast once a week =)

2. practice acts of kindness --this is a feeL-good habit everyone shouLd
reaLLy reaLLY exercise!

3. Savor Life's joys -- Pay cLOse attention to momentary pLeasures and
wonders! --Like i wouLd say it: BE APPRECIATIVE!! =)

4. thank a mentor -- hmmm,,c'mon don't be shy,,

5. Learn to forgive -- this couLd reaLLy Lighten you up,,instead of getting
wrinkLEs from frowning upon previous events that made you feeL bad,,
why not LEt go of the anger, forgive and feeL better?

6. invest time and energy in friends and famiLy -- =) seLF expLAnatory!
no man is an isLand -we aLL know that!

7. take care of your body -- getting sufficient sLEep, exercising,
stretching, SMILING, and LAughing can aLL enhance your mood in
short term.

8. DeveLop strategies for coping with stress and hardships..have you
heard of "this too shaLL pass" and "that which doesn't kiLL me makes
me stronger" -- we just have to beLive =)

have you seen LegaLLy bLonde?--remember the Line "endorphins make
you happy--happy peopLe don't just shoot their husbands."--endorphins
reaLLY does make us happy,, it's Like a happy hormone --activated
during exercise and eating sweets--hmm? ring a hersey's commerciaL

so here are some of my feeL good habitseating chocoLates, stretching
and pLaying my feeL good songs

here are some of 'em:

waLking after you -- foo fighters

echo -- incubus

poorman's grave -- eheads

LiLy -- smashing pumpkins

as Long as it matters -- gin bLossom

aLay -- imago

big me -- foo fighters

i aLso Love reading Letters from my friends =) that makes me feeL

reaLLY reaLLY good about myseLF! -- oh aLso my friendster
testimoniaLs =P

oh and i can't forget about my feeL-good shows! my oh my fave:
F.R.I.E.N.D.S -- any episode wiLL do! --with or without cohort (---weLL
better with them though)

so what's your feeL good habit? --if youre feeLin' a LittLe bLue,, why not
give in to something that can reaLLY make you happy? =)

have a happy happy day!!

(how many times did i mention the word happy and feeL good?)


something infiniteLy interesting

gaze above and see nothing but gray
sky i feeL the drops of rain
on my skin, i waLk in the middLeof the street, faces pass by
cooLer, i feeL the breeze
my warmth you took away from me
is this the peak of your objection?
you think it can not heLp me,?
what can heLp me? who can heLp me?
have you,, LateLy?

cooLer i feeL the breeze my warmth you took away from me
so it goes the thoughtsrunning, you came running
barefooted. provision or action?offer security
it goes in circLE, as the rain
wiLL go backto the serenity of the ocean
my warmth hasn't return to me
cooLer i feeL the breeze