Monday, September 05, 2005


something infiniteLy interesting

what is your feeL-good habit?

i Love Fr. Bel's every sundays articLe (Fr Bel R. San Luis, SVD) on the
MAniLa buLLEtin


it's aLL about happiness =)

read this everyone,, i beLieve it's reaLLy heLpfuL..

actuaLLy,, he just took this articLE (the way i'm doing it) from TIme
magazine FEb 28 05 issue

8 steps to boost happiness!!

1. Count your bLessings! --you can jot 'em down in a "gratitude journaL"
and to keep it fresh,, do it at LEast once a week =)

2. practice acts of kindness --this is a feeL-good habit everyone shouLd
reaLLy reaLLY exercise!

3. Savor Life's joys -- Pay cLOse attention to momentary pLeasures and
wonders! --Like i wouLd say it: BE APPRECIATIVE!! =)

4. thank a mentor -- hmmm,,c'mon don't be shy,,

5. Learn to forgive -- this couLd reaLLy Lighten you up,,instead of getting
wrinkLEs from frowning upon previous events that made you feeL bad,,
why not LEt go of the anger, forgive and feeL better?

6. invest time and energy in friends and famiLy -- =) seLF expLAnatory!
no man is an isLand -we aLL know that!

7. take care of your body -- getting sufficient sLEep, exercising,
stretching, SMILING, and LAughing can aLL enhance your mood in
short term.

8. DeveLop strategies for coping with stress and hardships..have you
heard of "this too shaLL pass" and "that which doesn't kiLL me makes
me stronger" -- we just have to beLive =)

have you seen LegaLLy bLonde?--remember the Line "endorphins make
you happy--happy peopLe don't just shoot their husbands."--endorphins
reaLLY does make us happy,, it's Like a happy hormone --activated
during exercise and eating sweets--hmm? ring a hersey's commerciaL

so here are some of my feeL good habitseating chocoLates, stretching
and pLaying my feeL good songs

here are some of 'em:

waLking after you -- foo fighters

echo -- incubus

poorman's grave -- eheads

LiLy -- smashing pumpkins

as Long as it matters -- gin bLossom

aLay -- imago

big me -- foo fighters

i aLso Love reading Letters from my friends =) that makes me feeL

reaLLY reaLLY good about myseLF! -- oh aLso my friendster
testimoniaLs =P

oh and i can't forget about my feeL-good shows! my oh my fave:
F.R.I.E.N.D.S -- any episode wiLL do! --with or without cohort (---weLL
better with them though)

so what's your feeL good habit? --if youre feeLin' a LittLe bLue,, why not
give in to something that can reaLLY make you happy? =)

have a happy happy day!!

(how many times did i mention the word happy and feeL good?)

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