Friday, December 26, 2014

Traveler's Regrets

7107 Islands and I've only been to a few. I know there are more to see but I kind of miss the places that I've been to and I absolutely want to revisit and rediscover most of them.

1. Biliran - I don't think this place is advertised enough! During my short stint as a Nutrition Associate (Nestlé's equivalent to a Medical Representative), I was priviledged (I didn't feel this way back then) to be assigned in Ormoc, Leyte. I covered the areas of eastern part of Leyte, Southern Leyte and Biliran.
Crossing the Biliran Bridge for the first time was a feast to my eyes! I wanted to pullover and just enjoy the view left and right. It was absolutely breathtaking! Unfortunately, I was super boring that time and too afraid to explore. I could've used the company car to explore! But I didn't! Such a waste of opportunity =(

Seriously - I got an entire island to explore, plus so easy to visit other neighboring provinces.
2. San Juan, La Union - I know I have proclaimed my love for SJ elyu in my previous post so I'll just keep this one short.
I still want to learn to surf so that's one reason. And who wouldn't want to sit by the shore at sunset and just listen to the waves crashing? "Chill" is the best description of enjoying San Juan, La Union.

3. Camotes Islands, Cebu - Well, poor planning for a newbie traveler - I didn't allot enough time for our island tour. There was so much more to see that we didn't get to visit cause of time constraints.
Going over my list makes me hungry for some beach time! When did I become an "Island girl"?! Thank God I'm born in The Philippines (even though I do take it for granted). I cannot really promise myself that I'd travel more this coming year, but I guess in the future I better be a wiser traveler.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

In my fantasy, I'm a Pantomime

My friends from Calabasas, California are coming back :)
Brandon, Mike, Jose, Ben and Chris ♡
Okay fine, they're not exactly my friends but yeah Incubus is having another concert here in Manila! Yayeeee I'm so excited. Vacation leave filed!
Happening on March 13, 2015 at SM Arena,  Pasay City.

I aint afraid to let it out
Im not afraid to take that fall
But I've found beyond all doubt
We say more, I say nothing at all

~ Pantomime ~

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Vz CS Week Superhero Style

"This CS week is legit" – a feedback from one happy camper. Customer Service Appreciation Week is an international event celebrating and recognizing the importance of providing excellent service to both our internal and external customers. Verizon Alabang NOC joined the celebration with this year’s theme Super Hero Difference: Going above and beyond the call of duty for our customers – like a Super Hero!”. It was held last October 6-10 and everyone showed tremendous support! Like the previous years, different activities, food and games were enjoyed by the entire center. Okay, hold on. I will make kwento the way I would since this is my personal blog, but I submitted my “write up” for the company newsletter – most of which included the words in this post, but obviously not the Tagalog side comments.

Going back, a week-long event like this does not unfold on its own. A brilliant idea was offered by one of the supervisors to have representatives from each line of business be part of organizing the event as well as having representatives take charge of the various activities to be held contrary to what we’ve been practicing in the previous years when only one or 2  group/s took charge. A committee was formed and they put a lot of effort in preparing for the event; coming up with activities and making arrangements with suppliers to make sure everyone will have a good time. I heard some food supplier fiasco story – let’s just say it involved one “happy” bee.

Despite that, it was a fantastic week! Each day, there was a fun game to play and game masters changed daily per LOB which encouraged the entire center to be more involved. If only I had done better with the “Play by a thread” game – I know I could’ve done better. Oh regrets -_-

This year’s daily activities were also very engaging; I mean who doesn’t like to sing their hearts out with the Videoke right? (ilabas ang listahan ng videokeable songs!!)

The center’s mood also lightened with the jazzed up bays as each LOB showed creativity and spatial design skills in building their superhero headquarters. Some even performed a short skit during the presentation which was very entertaining – I wish I could’ve seen those.

Yzza: Minz lika Sali tayo. Tayo ang taong bayan. (in short: "extra"/cameo - taong bayan na issave ni Batman (Zeki) from Joker(Lem))

Amongst the notable bay decors, I was personally impressed with the life-size red telephone booth! I’m obsessed with Red Telephone Booths! (side note – Whistlestop West Gate, booth walang telephone) And of course there was dancing (and yes, only via Kinect, but that still constituted as dancing; maybe Guitar Hero next year for the non-dancers) and then cake! And speaking of cake, people also responded positively to the food selection this year. (“nung ICG nag organize, siomai siomai lang”-anonymous; hahah seriously, I didn’t say it, let’s just say, words came from someone close to me) SNR chicken for the win – extra rice please! One of the main highlights of the occasion was the spectacle of superhero costumes. How often do you see your manager donning a wig and a cape? Even impressive cardboard cutouts to make Batman come to life!  Nice one Zeki and Aya!

This event was a hit not just because of the people who organized it. Everyone contributed to the success of this year’s CSAW. The bar was set pretty high and I’m sure people will look forward to more successful events at our site in the future.

Red Telephone Booth and Superman

crush ^^ hihi

It's raining Pizza!

ICG's Batcave; Yzza the taong bayan (girl with glasses). Boss Chow (wearing a wig) so kyot as SuperGirl 

That's me dancing to the tune of Riri's Umbrella

6 years in Verizon and this is by far the most memorable CS week I have ever experienced. (This is my) first time to wear a costume too in my entire life.” - Boss Chow

Coming from CS week committee, the participation of the employees was overwhelming. True to its theme, we made impact” - Jacee

"Starbucks? Di pa ko nakakain nito dati,pero masarap!” - Anonymous

The food was great! Games were challenging, and everyone participated in the bay decorations which showed team work of different groups” - Mr. Pacio

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Rape that PLAY button

I get giddy-kind-of-happy when I discover “new” songs that I like. I don’t really go on MTV nor listen to FM radio that much lately. Some are found via the GirlTalk forum, some are from friend’s playlist.  Anyway, I don’t know how to get to my point. I’ll just list the songs that I keep on replaying these days.

1.       Lullabies  -- Yuna

2.       Wait for me – Kings of Leon

3.       The face – Kings of Leon

4.       Wings – Birdy

5.       Pilit – Hilera

I actually don’t have em saved yet, but thanks Spotify and Grooveshark! J

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