Friday, October 09, 2009


something infiniteLy interesting

since i have been experiencing a bad case of creativity meltdown, right now, i am opening my doors to other oppportunities that can maybe mold me, (and whatever i've got) and then use it in my long term goal of pagpapayaman..
so where should i start? i think i should do my reasearch on those "yuppies" or young professionals (or entrepreneurs) who are already successful in their own ways. ang nasa isip ko kasi palagi, magiipon muna ko, and then i'll explore. we have to be practical of ano nga ba talaga plano ko.,
So ayun nga,, in the mean time, i'll save muna para when im ready to jump off the cliff may parachute current job pays naman,super maliit nga lang. i really just have to change my lifestyle, kasi nga maliit sahod, and magastos ako! habang nagsasave ako, i'll keep my eyes and ears open to different ideas. i'll feed my creative soul one idea at a time, hanggang sa malaman ko na kung ano pwede kong gawin in the future na pagiinvest'an ko ng time ko. something i can build a career into.
what to do kaya? di ko talaga alam..
i'll do a list ng nga naisip ko dati:

1. i've always thought of enroling into something like a crash course sa pagsulat, i've always thought of being a writer. pero i feel that being a writer demands a lot. i don't have that discipline.

2. Photography: crash course din gusto ko. i think i'll never give up on this one,. hanggang sa makapag aral talaga ko, and makabili ng mga gadgets

3. in line with number 2, i also want to learn mag photoshop. pero parang medyo it clashes pala with photography na din, i think, more on web design purposes ang reason as to why i wanted to learn to do photoshop, and grafix designs..

4. Music and events! =] this is something more dynamic para sa akin, i really wanted to be involve in a company mainly revolving around music =] and then events, this is something demanding i guess, sa effort naman, manpower kumabaga?

these are just few of them..
when i was younger, growing up i guess in a catholic school, pag tinatanong kung ano man gusto kong maging pag laki, "madre" ang dinodrowing ko, of course we know now that that's not gonna happen (im laughing in my head)
so ayun, for now, i guess, i have to save nga muna, and keep ideas coming in,,