Sunday, December 11, 2011


something infiniteLy interesting
murag dili domingo, daghang tawag! i dont like maintenance


something infiniteLy interesting

Lakas maka-badtrip!
walang soul, therefore walang SOULMATE

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Oh dear, a lot is going on,. a lot A LOT
Mom is at the hospital again, she was not feeling so good earlier today, there was blood on her pee. She was really worried.
Tita Baby, who lives practically alone, and has mental illness, has skin rashes. Mom says it's eczema. I dont know.
I dont have room for worries nor depression. I guess I just need support.

Breathe in and out..

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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As a kid I was fascinated with grown ups with their jobs, lifestyle and all. But now I'm there, I feel a slight disappointment cause it wasn't the same as I imagined it would be.

So Parents be a wise guardian to your kids, so you'll know what field they'll be best at; and support them all the way.
And fellas, don't blame your parents. If you're not where you think you're supposed to be. Do something about it.

--lost and roadless

Saturday, November 26, 2011


something infiniteLy interesting

I guess now is the perfect time to blog.
More on like a timestamp, of what I am right now; what I want and whatever little stuffs that make me up.
I've decided to share the notes I have in my MS outlook.
Blue notes = work-related
1. ALESCO - username and password (to view my payslip and file my OT,leave blah blah)
this one is actually so outdated.
2.CONTROL BAY - the primitive numbers of GMCS CB; which is of course outdated as well.
3.DNE Network Manager - a phone number to get to someone or a group re DNE , idk, i dont even remember keying that in.
4. ESCALATION - phone numbers for escalations
5. VM GUI Link - VZ voicemail gui link.. and guess what it's also outdated..
man, im glad i did this, i definitely must clean this folder up! moving on..
6. OPENING - ah,, something i use everyday and mostly UPDATED; these are username and passwords and links to sites i normally use, so if in case i need to transfer to another computer, i have it listed all in one note
7.SANMINA-SCI -phone number where SANMINA-SCI employees can get their pw reset for their token.
8.TEMPLATE - i thought it might be useful to have a template of phrases i normally use in updating a ticket, but i never used it.

I have plenty of other notes in YELLOW,. mostly are non work-related, like Lyrics of the
following songs:
FASPITCH - compiled FASPITCH songs
I WILL REMEMBER YOU - Sarah Mclachlan
MINERVA - Deftones
NO ONE'S GONNA LOVE YOU - Band of Horses
US - Regina Spektor
WICKED GAME - Chris Isaak

I also had:
- some notes for boss that i drafted here
-Incubus article when they went here last July
-Basic French words I googled
-another copy of passwords which are also outdated
-BIR Cubao's address
-list of my friends and their birthdays (we were planning on booking a trip)
-a caption for an album on Facebook i recently uploaded
-list of things i did in the past months
well yeah there..oohh that was tiresome!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


something infiniteLy interesting

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i just want to remember

something infiniteLy interesting [12:19 AM]:
sleep na ako boss koh.
Gabales, Christian Kathleen V (khaz) [12:20 AM]:
ok goodnight
Gabales, Christian Kathleen V (khaz) [12:20 AM]:
sleepwell [12:20 AM]:
later boss ko [12:20 AM]:
Gabales, Christian Kathleen V (khaz) [12:20 AM]:
will do
Gabales, Christian Kathleen V (khaz) [12:20 AM]:
think happy thoughts [12:20 AM]:
remember that i love you always [12:20 AM]:
yes boss ko [12:21 AM]:
Gabales, Christian Kathleen V (khaz) [12:21 AM]:

Sunday, August 07, 2011


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ok so i know i can be a bitch,, but i cant help it..
this is another senseless thought.

i have no direction!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

December Avenue's SLEEP TONIGHT Teedee Launch

Zel Bautista, Jet Danao, Dondon Gregorio and Jem Manuel, collectively known as December Avenue launched their 2nd Teedee last July 2nd at Citywalk2, Eastwood City Libis, just right in front of the shop that retails Sonic Teedee, Built by Sonic. Sleep tonight Teedee Launch is Built by Sonic’s first Front Yard Session with performances by Sugarplum Fairy, WalkieTalkies and Malay. The launch was hosted by Alex Lim and Jewel Angeles.

I first heard this band around April or May of 2010 when my then good friend, now boyfriend shared their songs I’ll be watching you and Ears and Rhymes. He knew that I would like them. Since then, I got exposed to other Sonicboom bands that are sure enough talented and are music-makers of substance.

I think Alex Lim, the man behind Sonicboom, is just brilliant when it comes to scouting talents. And aside from scouting talents, I think he’s also good in running the business. Sonicboom has expanded to Sonic Shape, carrying Teedee Hear and Wear, The Sonic Pill, an online music community, and their shop at Eastwood, Built by Sonic.

December Avenue’s Sleep tonight tee was designed by Aikee Vestil from Cebu and teedee includes a now more convenient download code so you can get the tracks online. Tracks included are.. (oh shit, I left them with the boyfriend) but yeah I know (or I think) it includes City Lights, I’ll be watching you (new vesion) and Dahan. I forgot the other one, but I’m guessing Sleep tonight, cause, duh, it’s the Sleep tonight teedee hahahaha. Man, I’ll just edit this once I get the list from the boyfriend.

So if you don’t have one yet, just swing by at Built by Sonic in Eastwood.

No extensive research done, just stalking. Open to corrections and violent reactions

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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Kung anu-ano'ng ring/text tone ang nauuso ngayon,.
song clips, audio clip ng doraemon, animal sounds,

isang araw pauwi ako galing opis

i heard one..

"meow meow meow" 

tulog ako sa jeep pauwi, sa kahabaan ng SLEX...

"meow meow meow" 

tagal naman sagutin/i-check phone na yun,,

pagdilat ko may kuting sa harapan ko, sa kin pa nakatingin,, hahahaha
pusa pala talaga!!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


something infiniteLy interesting

I was not afraid of death.
Death is not uncommon.
We will all face death.
I've witnessed death of a loved one.
Death is as common as life.

But I had a realization.
I realized how much I am frightened by it.
Because I found out, just now, the reason why.

I want to live long enough 
to love long enough.
I want to witness the highest of high of love.
As well as the lowest of low.
I want to walk the path of life,
living and loving.
I want to claim that I have lived with the love of my life.

I want to grow old.
To witness my children grow.
To witness my children meeting the love of the life.
I want to meet my grandchildren.
I want my grand children to hear my stories .
I want to take care of my children and my grandchildren til i have enough strength to do so.

I am grateful that God loves me and gave me a chance to live.
I want to live so I can love.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

PROJECT 365-2011


Take a photo a day for an entire year and see your life in a different perspective.
I actually don't remember where I read about this project. I also don't know how this started. Earlier this year, there was this time when I was so drooling to get my own DSLR so I can learn photography like I've always wanted. A friend of mine asked me if I knew what Aperture was. I don't really know. All I knew is that it's kinda like how the pupil of the eye works. The light that passes depends on the diameter of the pupil. Something to that effect. So I did some research and found sonme helpful sites. And one of the topics that I read is about this Project 365. I've decided to start this on my 24th birthday, which was few days ago. If i comply, this might actually be Project 365 + 1. I took a funny photo last April 1st, I will talk about that later and yeah I wanted to include that as my cover photo most likely.

So there I will log my photos and give most of  it a good description and of course upload it.

Let's go!


Oh you know what, I did say I was gonna say something about it, but then the picture pretty much says it all.
I took this on my way to Cubao. This was taken  obviously inside a bus that storms EDSA.
I went to Baliuag, Bulacan to Ali =)


Gosh I can't believe I'm in my mid 20s already!! Okay so let's just talk about the good stuff, which this photo represents!
So we had lunch at Balinsasayaw in Silang, Cavite. I was with family and Ali. I think this was the 1st birthday I had celebrated with family only. of course growing up I was more focused with barkada-ing.
Awesome food, too bad Simeon family didn't make it there. But we met them in SM Dasma.

EK with friends. My birthday wouldn't pass without a celebration with them.
I love them

Meet huntley and tattoo.

Change of mind. I didn't like these earings before, but I've been wearing it a lot lately.

TORTA the tortel.
Isn't he cute. Gujo with his shooting skills won this at EK last Sunday. It makes me smile seeing his big brown eyes. I kinda want a real turle now. Do they smell?


I got a new eyeliner and I watched an episode of America's Next top Model. So there.

more to come =)

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Friday, April 08, 2011


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work work work == umay much

things change.. and hell yeah change is always painful..


kung kelan naman morning shift pa ko, saka na-block ang mga sites..

but then again i was used to it, til i moved here


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PYW 190

something infiniteLy interesting

Hindi ako nagbayad sa jeep kanina!!
right now, from Petron GMA to Alabang is Php 32.00 ang fare.
dun ako usually sumasakay kasi nga  matagal if i waited pa mula sa labas ng street namin.
i have a coinpurse so yung min fare of Php 8.00 papauntang kanto dun ko kinuha. pagkasakay ko sa jeep wait pang mapuno, and nung naka alis na sa GMA by then usually nagbabayad mga pasahero like me. but when i opened my wallet.. walang laman!!!! i think yung babae sa harap ko saw the expression on my face.. nagulat ako and kinabahan,,most likely namutla =p
may konduktor pa! super singil sya sa mga pasahero,, i was trying to avoid eye-contact! =p
since i still had my wallet with me (na wala namang kalaman laman) mag withdraw nalang ako sa metropolis..
and let me tell you why walang laman wallet ko,,
kumain kami ni Cathy, friend ko sa Verizon, dun lang sa cafeteria namin,, less than Php 60.00 bill namin each, and parehong Php500.00 money namin, pauwi na sya, so naisip ako na lang muna sagot ng food, then pay nya na lang ako.. tapos kunin ko na lang sukli maybe during my last break or before going home. Eh nakalimutan ko ano pa? sobrang ulyanin ko na talaga!
kaya ayun, walang kalaman laman wallet ko kasi di pa ko nag withdraw ulet. (defensive.. few days to go pa kasi bago sweldo). We were also talking about sasakay ng jeep ng walang barya tapos magagalit yung driver.. or ayun nga walang pera.. at nagdilang anghel ako,, ambilis!

going back, nung naubos na pasahero ng jeep lumapit ako sa driver, tsaka koduktor

khaz: manong di pa po ako nagbabayad, samahan nyo po ako magw'withdraw ako.

konduktor and driver nagtinginan ng naka ngiti..

driver:san ka ba mag withdraw?

tingin ako sa paligid, eh sa south station kami tumigil,, idk kung may malapit na ATM, alam ko lang sa Festival Mall.. 

konduktor: sige wag na..

khaz: kayo lang po ba nagddrive nitong jeep..
sorry po talaga,, araw araw naman ako sumasakay ng Alabang. babayaran ko pag sumakay ulet ako dito,, ano po ba plate # nyo?


teka,. mai-post nga mga reaction ng friends ko..

Friday, March 04, 2011

essay writing contest???

something infiniteLy interesting

People often succumb to daydreaming as a way of an escape if they are discontented with the situation they are in. But if I could be somebody else for a day, I’d rather be someone with terminal illness.

Not that I want to pass sooner, I only want to have a different outlook in life. I often feel that I take things for granted. It’s not uncommon for one to procrastinate, but people abuse it, including myself. We write all these lists; short and long term goals. We plan ahead but are never really brave enough to make that first step towards achieving our goals. Yes they say no one gets out of here alive. I just think that people who know that they only have short time to live have better appreciation of life. See people are never satisfied. Blessings are often taken for granted. So if I could be somebody else for a day; get a chance to view life in a different perspective, I know I’ll come back from that experience more alive than ever.

Friday, February 04, 2011


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Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Friday, January 21, 2011


Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (46%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (44%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by

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Saturday, January 01, 2011


here are some things we want to accomplish this year..
i'll review it on the last quarter of the year see if I've come close to completing it.
*i have to put a comment of course, pakialamera ako e


1. lose 20lbs and more 
*cease fire after a cup of rice =p

2. get a summer job
*start hunting as early as feb. for possible stint during the summer

3. sundin si mama
*good call

4. study hard
*good call

5. vigan the ipon
*i know right!!

6. be a good boy   
*good call,, this is a vision, what's your mission? =p

7. wag maging negative
*so choose to be positive

8. gawin agad ng dapat gawin.. :D
*and you're not doing this yet, why?!

9. 1bookpermonth
*this one's tough..but i'll support you..


1. makatapos ng crossword puzzle
*something shallow but you know,..i've never completed one

2. ayusin mga papers and IDs (driver's license, TIN card, SSS card, Postal ID)
*my problem since birth <-literally

3. travel far north or visayas/mindanao
*of course!! =D

4. buy a laptop
*close kung 26K na lang sana ibenta sakin ni k.a laptop nya!!!!!!

5. open a savings account
*maybe after # 2.. i need to supply 2 IDs, at least one gov't issued ID 

==something infiniteLy interesting==