Saturday, April 09, 2011

PROJECT 365-2011


Take a photo a day for an entire year and see your life in a different perspective.
I actually don't remember where I read about this project. I also don't know how this started. Earlier this year, there was this time when I was so drooling to get my own DSLR so I can learn photography like I've always wanted. A friend of mine asked me if I knew what Aperture was. I don't really know. All I knew is that it's kinda like how the pupil of the eye works. The light that passes depends on the diameter of the pupil. Something to that effect. So I did some research and found sonme helpful sites. And one of the topics that I read is about this Project 365. I've decided to start this on my 24th birthday, which was few days ago. If i comply, this might actually be Project 365 + 1. I took a funny photo last April 1st, I will talk about that later and yeah I wanted to include that as my cover photo most likely.

So there I will log my photos and give most of  it a good description and of course upload it.

Let's go!


Oh you know what, I did say I was gonna say something about it, but then the picture pretty much says it all.
I took this on my way to Cubao. This was taken  obviously inside a bus that storms EDSA.
I went to Baliuag, Bulacan to Ali =)


Gosh I can't believe I'm in my mid 20s already!! Okay so let's just talk about the good stuff, which this photo represents!
So we had lunch at Balinsasayaw in Silang, Cavite. I was with family and Ali. I think this was the 1st birthday I had celebrated with family only. of course growing up I was more focused with barkada-ing.
Awesome food, too bad Simeon family didn't make it there. But we met them in SM Dasma.

EK with friends. My birthday wouldn't pass without a celebration with them.
I love them

Meet huntley and tattoo.

Change of mind. I didn't like these earings before, but I've been wearing it a lot lately.

TORTA the tortel.
Isn't he cute. Gujo with his shooting skills won this at EK last Sunday. It makes me smile seeing his big brown eyes. I kinda want a real turle now. Do they smell?


I got a new eyeliner and I watched an episode of America's Next top Model. So there.

more to come =)

something infiniteLy interesting

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