Saturday, May 21, 2011


something infiniteLy interesting

I was not afraid of death.
Death is not uncommon.
We will all face death.
I've witnessed death of a loved one.
Death is as common as life.

But I had a realization.
I realized how much I am frightened by it.
Because I found out, just now, the reason why.

I want to live long enough 
to love long enough.
I want to witness the highest of high of love.
As well as the lowest of low.
I want to walk the path of life,
living and loving.
I want to claim that I have lived with the love of my life.

I want to grow old.
To witness my children grow.
To witness my children meeting the love of the life.
I want to meet my grandchildren.
I want my grand children to hear my stories .
I want to take care of my children and my grandchildren til i have enough strength to do so.

I am grateful that God loves me and gave me a chance to live.
I want to live so I can love.

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