Monday, October 16, 2017

I Made Sabit to Simeon Family's Trip to Malaysia for Maggie's 2nd Birthday | Day 1

This is a lazy slash photo dump post.

Okay, mini kwento only because you said please. Sister and brother-in-law planned a trip to Malaysia with the kids for Maggie's 2nd birthday; also so the boys can watch Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix. Everything was booked before I was invited. Only 6000 Php daw roundtrip airfare then the rest of the gastos will be shouldered by sister. Why not right? So, I had a different flight from them, which was about 4 hours earlier.

This is my feeling Korean Idol airport look 

Prebooked teenie weenie rice meal.

KLIA2 is lit (pun intended) 

One would think "selamat" means "salamat/thanks" but it actually means "Welcome" 

 Thank you Bus Counter for being so easy to find. I actually did not have to look. It was just along the way.

Random airport I'm in Malaysia photo 

Fieldtrip quality bus. 

Traveling alone in a foreign country at night. Nice decision making skills girl!

Taking an Uber from the airport to the hotel costs around 900 Php. So I took the bus instead to get to Kuala Lumpur Sentral Terminal then booked an Uber to Swiss Garden Hotel and Residences.

Yaay got to the (for the purpose of this post we'll call it hotel, but it's more like a condominium unit that is rented at AirBnB) hotel safely. 

We got a key not working on door situation here. 129. Request for back up.

Finally got in! 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Apps Autokill in Huawei P10

I spent a couple of months bearing with this inconvenience of having to start over whenever my Huawei P10 kills the app that I'm using.
I reached out to Huawei email support to find out what I should do. Their recommendation was to clear the cache of the application. So I did, but it was still happening. I almost went to their service center 'coz it was happening way too often.
It turns out, I only need to turn off this particular setting that helps prolong the battery life.
To get to this:
Settings (gear icon) > Battery > Battery Settings (gear icon at the top right corner)
Then turn off this setting
"Close excessively power-intensive apps"

Since then, I no longer encountered applications automatically closing.
Lesson of this post? Facebook Group can assist you better than their paid email support employees.

Thanks to Joie and Xel :)

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Monday, August 14, 2017

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

So, I kind of worked out earlier this afternoon. I was supposed to do 2 rounds of pushups, squats, laydown pushups,.. you know what, I forgot..ganon siguro ako kabilis mag move on.
Nagpahinga na ko, had dinner, and took a shower. It's only 20 past 8. My bed time is at 1am.
What I really want to say is.....di pa ko nagtotoothbrush. For.. you know that I want to eat something might happen. Huhuhu. I had Kit-Kat after dinner. And my gym membership is nasasayang na.
Oh well.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


It’s July already and I haven’t blogged for a while. I promised myself that I will post something tonight and that is exactly what I am going to do.
Thought vomit.

We’re engaged! Well, for 5 months now and we’ve only booked the church and our OTD coordinator. Is this procrastination? Maybe. Maybe not. Ewan ko ba sa mga nakakausap kong supplier/s parang ayaw pa magpa book. Though pagdating sa photo/video, medyo kasalanan ko. Indecision! I can’t seem to make up my mind. Since sobrang dami pagpipilian, nakaka overwhelm. Not a good time to talk about commitment issues, pero I can’t help but think, “Pag na-book ko na si p/v 1 and find out na mas madami inclusions si p/v2, pano yun?” Mga ganon. Pero ang totoo nyan, sa dami nang nakita kong p/v, there’s this videographer that I really really really want!!! Huhuhuhuhu, di pa din ako maka move on. But his rate is twice what we can afford for both photo and video na. Videoboy! There, sinambit ko na. HUHUHUHU.
*regains composure*
Anyway, a year away ‘til the big day! I’m anxious and excited at the same time.

Random Recent Ganap
  • Modern Family – medyo minarathon ko sya simula nung nagka copy ako ng season 1 few months back. Naka habol na ko sa current season. I heart Phil Dunphy
  • Glitch in the Matrix – kaadikan with this sub in Reddit that talks about inexplicable experiences. They are not ghost stories; more like the guys who are in charge of “everything” made booboo and someone noticed it. Ah basta, go look it up in Reddit.
  • (Not) Peril  jam last 070117 – only the second time I’ve seen them play, sayang kulang pa ng isa.
  •  Game of Thrones Season 7 – only 2 episodes as of this writing, naiyak na ko! *spoiler alert* So ganon na lang ba talaga Nymeria? Past is past?
  • Kita Kita movie date – I must say, na-entertain ako ng movie na to. Sana ganito na lang palagi sa local film scene.
  • Orange and Lemons! – reformed as a trio (sans Mcoy ) but still, one of my favorite bands ever!       
  • Design Home– it’s this app that brings out the interior designer in you. Ang saya mag furnish ng space lalo na kung madaming pera!
  • Tisay – our landi cat had babies again. Di talaga namin house cat si Tisay, she just forced adopt herself dito. So most likely, ba-bye Tisay once the kittens are medyo malaki na.
  • Verizon Philippines 10th Year – 072817 – the celebration started today. Woot woo! How long have people been asking whether or not they will outsource everything and close this center? Kapit lang mga beshie!

July Playlist
Let Me – Orange and Lemons
Ever – Team Sleep
Sunshower – Chris Cornell  :(
Soothsayer – Taken by Cars (actually, buong Plagues na album)
Limestone – Magic City Hippies
U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B, Select, Start – Deftones

Dito na muna. I’m kind hungry. Should I eat? But it’s bed time na! Ughhh

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Friday, June 30, 2017

2 Truths and a Lie

a) Childhood crush ko si Jonathan Taylor Thomas
b) I played drums in an all girl band in college
c) Napanood ko na sa personal si Steph Curry

a) Pinanganak ako Laguna
b) Nanalo ako ng all expense paid trip to Cebu
c) 20 y.o. ako when I got my driver's license

a) Nakapagpa-kalbo na ko
b) Naka "date" ko yung crush ko simula Grade 5
c) ^Naging kami

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Sunday, June 11, 2017


May Internet na kami sa bahay after 48 years! Yehey! This should mean I can post more often.
Flooding coming right up!

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Brigada Eskwela 2017

Natutuwa ako at medyo nagiging active ang office namin sa mga community activities such as this. Second time mag sign up ni Vz sa Brigada Eskwela.Hindi ako naka-join nung first one dahil sa conflict ng schedule (nagpaliwanag talaga).But I really wanted to sana.
This year we volunteered at ParaƱaque National Highschool last May 20th. We started with a prayer, tons of picture taking, at palugaw from the school. At around 9am we started sanding the chairs.  

Varnished chairs -- we didn't  work on these though

Sandpaper for smooth surface. 
Grey shirt - I want to make you my official volunteer tee. Same one I wore during #TeamGranny0320

Teamwork! Thank you  girls for coming up with the idea of soundtripping while working. Made it more fun less work.

Good work guys!

Miss NelleRaq. Nagc-cut ng klase, wag tularan!

I am glad sharing my time, even though just a little bit to help with the preparation of this school for the upcoming school year. Hoping for more volunteers in the future. 
Education first!

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