Thursday, August 30, 2012


I can't believe it's been 2 years. Time really flies, especially when you're happy.

We didn't really do anything special. We just had a full body massage then we went to see Bourne Legacy last 08/19. We met my other boyfriends too ~ jen and harvey @ Jen's place in Paliparan. We had dinner and I practically just slept thru the evening. hahaha.A week before our anniv, I ran a contest on my FB page. The questions were harder than I thought, a lot friends complained. But oh well, Mommy May won and got a perfect score.

May Liza
Easy (worth 1 point):

1. Year we first met?
b) 2003

2. Place we first met (could be institution name or city name)
De La Salle University-DasmariƱas

3. Our college "petnames"; back when we were just "close friends"/pbbteens!
Better Half Koh

4. First movie date:
a) Resident Evil

Difficult (worth 2 points):

1. What's the date we became together?
August 22, 2010

2. He gave me a stuffed animal one Christmas . What kind of animal and what's his name?
Panda - Albert

3. First gig we attended as a couple
c) Tanduay Rockfest IV

BONUS (worth 5 points):
Our song ~ clue it's a cover of a 1984 song from a newwave/rock band. The band who did the cover played in Manila recently (well lets say in the last 5 years).
Drive - Deftones

I have work 8/22 but we had dinner @ Rack's Festival Mall before I went to the office. Thank you Lord for the love you let us experience. ♥

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Saturday, August 18, 2012


something infiniteLy interesting

OMG, i cant stand her!
i just wanna go "oh please just shut the ef up!" on her

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Re: Describe her... (si other woman or kahit sinong pinagseselosan mo)

okay, title to nung isang topic sa femalenetwork, i'm still thinking if i'll post my answer there but here it goes ~bf is truly faithful! but i'm a crazy jealous gf

1. Pretty girl classmate (PGC) - very pretty, she's the popular girl that every boy in the room will have a crush on. Friendly, but can sometimes be too friendly. There was a time na nag console si bf sa kanya about our problem. IDK why he would. Pinagseselosan ko na sya di pa kami kasi super duper crush sya ni bf.
Imagine a dog na naglalaway sa pagkain, ayun, may sambang taglay ang bawat comment sa mga pictures ni PGC. May isang comment na kinuha ni bf ang lahat ng synonym ng word na "beautiful", siguro out of words na sya sa kagandahan nya kaya kumuha sa thesaurus. kung pwede lang mag imbento pa sya ng panibagong salita na superlative ng beautiful para lang kay PGC, ayun and at one of his comments he called her his soulmate  ~ altho this pagsamba happened hindi pa kami, pero medyo naglalandian na or so I thought, baka friendly lang sa kin si bf dati. They don't interact nowadays.. i think.

2. X-muntik na (XMN) - hindi kasi ko niligawan ni bf kaya nag seselos ako kay ateng na niligawan nya dati. May landing taglay kasi ako kaya ako yung nag"drive" para maging kami. Eh si XMN kapit bahay dati ni bf. Pinupuntahan nya palage, pinapapunta sya palagi. IDK the depth of their relationship pero i think kung di sya like ni XMN di naman sya papuntahin (kahit anong oras sa araw/gabi) palagi. I know that he had strong feelings for her kasi at some point he hated her. So di mo naman magagawang ma-hate isang tao kung wala lang sila sa buhay mo diba?

~oddly di ako nagseselos sa kaisaisang tunay na ex ni bf.
i guess BF just doesn't know how to neutralize my insecurities.
okay I've decided this only for blogpost,,medyo nalo-loser'an ako sa sarili ko kung ippost ko pa sa FN.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey what's up?

something infiniteLy interesting

Okay, it's been a while since i last posted here. And I'm at a state of panic! MULTIPLY.COM is making changes to their site and will remove social networking and contents ~ so pictures and blogs will be affected!
I'm trying to move some of my posts from there to here (and praying this will not happen to blogger!). This blog is older than Multiply but there was a period in 2007 when my posts were exclusively published on multiply. Anyway, will continue on moving my posts probably tomorrow. Right now I just wanna say something about what's been going on :)

recent events:

rain and khai's wedding (photo grabbed from doe's fb album)
~ first GMCS wedding to attend to, and last wedding that i attended was k'A's. It was lovely. Intimate and simple. Very minimalist but the theme was kind of something I'd consider for my own. Even the color palette was a good choice. So it was just us, Papong, Mina, Vaneng (oh how i missed vaneng!), Doe, Tata and me. Food was great. Ceremony was nice. But I tear'd up during the vow. Well I always cry at weddings! It was raining hard that day, but overall I had a great time at their wedding.

Okay so how badly do i want a pair of these! ugh! it's too expensive for me! but look how cute and how appropriate for the weather right? uh huh. yeah? don't i get a nod here? =D
well it's not on stock at their only store here in Manila (BGC). And the only way to get it is by ordering online. I don't have a credit card. Oh but I want!


So I bought this voucher from Metrodeal back in January and it expires 08/11. I don't know why for some reason we kept on postponing going to MarketMarket to avail this! But man it was so much fun! :) So we used the voucher last monday 8/6. It was raining hard that day because of the monsoon. Glad we pushed thru w/ this. It was just the 2 of us during our game. We didn't really understand the mechanics of the game, well at least for getting the scores and such, but hey point it to the enemy and hit it that should be easy right?
And oh his shirt! didn't do him any good because the green ink came off as glow in the dark! Bottomline, I won! haha and it was a landslide victory.So yeah. I wanna do this again,only if i get another 50% off promo!

So there I don't know how to wrap this up. We've been experiencing bad weather here in Luzon because of the monsoon. Thank God weather is better since yesterday. Praying for strength and resilience of our nation ♥♥♥