Friday, August 28, 2015

Test of Friendship: Surigao Edition Day 1 Ganap

Jusko I don’t even know where to begin! Gandara Park sa Surigao! Most memorable trip ever! Maybe I don’t need to say much coz the photos will tell you the story na lang (~ that and you know medyo tamad ako ngayon).
1st Day Kaganapan:
~ Arrival at BXU Airport Butuan
~waiting galore coz van is so expensive to pakyaw (asan ang alak? Umpisahan na yan)
~land travel from Butuan, Agusan del Norte to Cantilan, Surigao del Sur (head bang to the window and to each other)
~Arrival at Nabor’s Residence
~visit tita Mama at her office in Madrid, Spain (charrrr)
~Sightseeing at Dr. Olan’s Farm in Carmen
Okay I decided i-elaborate ko sya ng onti pagdating dito sa farm ni Dr. Olan. Sa totoo lang, tagal naming nag ask ng itinerary sa amin host pero walang mabigaybigay tong si Devy. Shempre unang concern ko kung ilang outfit change ang magaganap – arte ko e. At andun na kami’t lahat, waley pa din, til nung nasa office na kami ni tita Mama na ayun nga, punta sa farm. The reason I’m saying this coz I want to note na wala kami expectation sa makikita namin. And getting there sa farm and seeing the view was absolutely a delightful surprise. Feeling haciendera talaga kami! Facundo! Ilabas ang mga kabayo, iikot ako sa aking lupain! Pero ATV nilabas, ayy pwede na yan! Ang saya! 2nd time ko lang kasi makapag ATV, tapos mini ikot lang, nag panic pa ko nung nasagasaan ko yung isang baby plant. It didn’t die. Relax lang guys. It was so fun!

Sun getting ready to set 
Panoramic View of the lower lands and Lanuza Bay yonder

ATV mini ikot (Devy and Jhell)
Chicks (Jusyl Ekha Aliza Jhell)
Haciendera-ing (Senyora SantibaƱez ~ charr)

Pag baba ulit ng Madrid, (nasa higher land ang farm) pumunta naman kami sa house ni Dr. Olan to have our first dinner. – Yes first dinner. Not much of a dinner actually, merienda sha, we were served very masarap na turon and chunky avocado iced candy!
Mukhang plotted ata ang dinner sa iba’t ibang house that evening. Next lipat is bahay ng kapatid ni Dr. Olan. Grabe the seafood parteyyy sa lamesa. Na-excite ako na kinabahan,, allergies huhuhu. Pero thug life e, so kumain pa din ako! Yikes juskopo. Onti lang kinain ko, kasi nag prepare daw ng dinner sila tito Papa ~ crab and hipon! Hayayayayyy push! Kumain ako pareho #ThugLife! Wala naman allergic reaction yehey! Clap clap! (or was there? Hmmmmm) We didn’t push thru na with our 3rd dinner, kalabisan na daw yun.


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Sort of a review, but mostly venting regret in life

I don't think I've ever done a product review yet but this time I must. Consider this as Public Service.
Oh the tiis ganda things women do -- especially for the unfortunate ones like me. Beauty obstacle: too much hair on unwanted places. I've deal with my kilikili problem. I'm perfectly happy with the diode laser package I took advantage from Skin Station. Current obstacle: leg hair! They weren't this bad before but lazy days led me to too much shaving and voila! Man leg hair :( 
I've used different products before and this by far is the worst I picked up at the department store! Do not buy this! Let me repeat Do not buy this! I swear you'll surely regret it. It's the messiest way to get rid of your fur. Imagine sticky fingers while trying to squeeze the bottle, little spatula you do not know where to place while stripping the wax off, sticky residue etc. 

Okay to summarize, do not buy this! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Abundance is not an excuse to be wasteful. It’s heartbreaking to see the rampant open-pit mining in Surigao Del Sur.  I remember our lessons back in grade school about the different Regions in the Philippines and hearing how Mindanao is rich in natural resources. But what good is that if we do not know how to take care of it. Though reforestation efforts are ongoing, it would take years before these trees grow back. Why can’t we just let her heal for a while?

something infiniteLy interesting