Friday, August 28, 2015

Sort of a review, but mostly venting regret in life

I don't think I've ever done a product review yet but this time I must. Consider this as Public Service.
Oh the tiis ganda things women do -- especially for the unfortunate ones like me. Beauty obstacle: too much hair on unwanted places. I've deal with my kilikili problem. I'm perfectly happy with the diode laser package I took advantage from Skin Station. Current obstacle: leg hair! They weren't this bad before but lazy days led me to too much shaving and voila! Man leg hair :( 
I've used different products before and this by far is the worst I picked up at the department store! Do not buy this! Let me repeat Do not buy this! I swear you'll surely regret it. It's the messiest way to get rid of your fur. Imagine sticky fingers while trying to squeeze the bottle, little spatula you do not know where to place while stripping the wax off, sticky residue etc. 

Okay to summarize, do not buy this! 

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