Monday, August 22, 2005


something infiniteLy interesting
how do you Like the new face of my bLog?
ako mahaL ko na!!
ganda taLaga ng puti no?

Friday, August 12, 2005

fruit of spontaneity

i appreciate a Lot of things in Life and of course Life itseLf.

if i am not bored, i am stressed, and vice versa....

but i don't want to compLain about it, even though i'm much of a whiner

i choose what i normaLLy wouLdn't want to have, and yet i want it because its not what i wouLd normaLLy choose---and now you're confused


i waLk fast when i'm aLone except when my feet friends compLain with the way i cross the street...--if i
don't have an angeL i'd probabLy be dead by now.

i beLieve that this isn't my first time in the worLd..

and if it's factuaL that i just came back in this worLd now from then for some reason.. it is to taste the bittersweetness
of Life again

something infiniteLy interesting ll 081205fri035909


something infiniteLy interesting

i and few of my friends are starting a career in the fieLd of music
i am pubLicizing the 5-membered band
we wouLd gLAdLy appreciate your support to our upcoming activities

Thursday, August 11, 2005

seventeen dream

something infiniteLy interesting

i wish i were stiLL 17--and stay 17 forever!!
i hate being 18-- Like i aLways said, it's okay to turn 17 from 16,, and turn 18 to 19,, but never be 18 from 17!!!
weLL,, of course there are great things that happened in my 17th year,, though i haven't reaLLy thought of which exact event i wouLd wanna write...but damn,, there's just this great difference between 17 and 18! (or am i just overreacting?!)
seventeen sounds better!though it may seem that you're oLder for teen stuffs but too young for aduLt businesses;but if you Look at it in a positive way, it may aLso be, making fuLL use of what's Left of adoLescence-making sure you won't miss anything and at the same time preparing earLy for aduLthood!---hmm,, are we on the same pace?

but aging is inevitabLe!-- oh so sad that no one can stop it!so to be abLe to make use of the age that you reaLLy are, you just got to Live everyday to the fuLLEst! --Live more of your heart's passion and Less of your head's pretensions.take photographs, inhaLE oxygen with fuLL appreciation, sing your Lungs out and just be what you've got to be.but stiLL,,i wish i were stiLL 17,, -- oh yeah i'm a paradox

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

bLogging: gaining popuLarity...

something infiniteLy interesting

weLL,, it had been gaining popularity even before,, but since i got addicted with it just LateLy..i
concLuded that it is gaining more popuLarity than ever.

bLog, or bLogging is a form of onLine journaL.anyone can express just about anything they
through bLogging.weLL, i refer to it as my "onLine doodLEs".see during highschooL, i did a Lot
of "doodLing" mostLy at the back side my notebooks, shouLders of my books, and test papers
(though i shouLd've been answering test questions)..hmm,, weLL i stiLL do...i've known about it
for quite sometime and had an account at xanga's, but i started bLogging reguLarLy for onLy
about hALf year now. and hey, i'm enjoying it much. it has some therapeutic effect. cause if
you're not aware, i am one of those who just goes bLAh bLah bLah with writing. who cares if
anybody cares. i don't mind whether or not peopLE know about my bLog's existence. it's for
personaL pLeasure.

back to bLog's popuLarity!who wouLdn't be aware of the added feature of the very infamous
"friendster".it is now equipped with photo aLbum, cLassifinders and of course BLOG =)and
pLEase turn off the maiL aLert of your bLog's update!so those who haven't any idea of what
bLogging was, are now quite famiLiar with it.,
if you do have bLog account now, express your pecuLiarity and go update it! and if you don't,
better start one and don't waste your time reading someone eLSe's! =) --kidding of courSe