Thursday, August 11, 2005

seventeen dream

something infiniteLy interesting

i wish i were stiLL 17--and stay 17 forever!!
i hate being 18-- Like i aLways said, it's okay to turn 17 from 16,, and turn 18 to 19,, but never be 18 from 17!!!
weLL,, of course there are great things that happened in my 17th year,, though i haven't reaLLy thought of which exact event i wouLd wanna write...but damn,, there's just this great difference between 17 and 18! (or am i just overreacting?!)
seventeen sounds better!though it may seem that you're oLder for teen stuffs but too young for aduLt businesses;but if you Look at it in a positive way, it may aLso be, making fuLL use of what's Left of adoLescence-making sure you won't miss anything and at the same time preparing earLy for aduLthood!---hmm,, are we on the same pace?

but aging is inevitabLe!-- oh so sad that no one can stop it!so to be abLe to make use of the age that you reaLLy are, you just got to Live everyday to the fuLLEst! --Live more of your heart's passion and Less of your head's pretensions.take photographs, inhaLE oxygen with fuLL appreciation, sing your Lungs out and just be what you've got to be.but stiLL,,i wish i were stiLL 17,, -- oh yeah i'm a paradox

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