Friday, August 12, 2005

fruit of spontaneity

i appreciate a Lot of things in Life and of course Life itseLf.

if i am not bored, i am stressed, and vice versa....

but i don't want to compLain about it, even though i'm much of a whiner

i choose what i normaLLy wouLdn't want to have, and yet i want it because its not what i wouLd normaLLy choose---and now you're confused


i waLk fast when i'm aLone except when my feet friends compLain with the way i cross the street...--if i
don't have an angeL i'd probabLy be dead by now.

i beLieve that this isn't my first time in the worLd..

and if it's factuaL that i just came back in this worLd now from then for some reason.. it is to taste the bittersweetness
of Life again

something infiniteLy interesting ll 081205fri035909

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