Sunday, February 03, 2008


something infiniteLy interesting

now that i am an officiaL bum, aLL i can do is to Lament,i mean think about those previous experiences (bLuntLy) with such happiness in my heart (Lie =p)
anyway before i Lie advertentLy just to see anything positive here,, Let me just share a bit (Lie again) of those experiences..
Let's start off with my nestLĂ© experience,,

aLL began with a LittLe jobstreet here and there, i tried the position "nutrition associate" (NA) not knowing what its difference from "nutrition representative"..(NR) LittLe (i mean none) did i know that there was a big difference,, aside from the saLary difference, there were a Lot of incentive "distinctions" anyways, car wiLL be given to an NR after passing the oh so rigid training/screening that LAsted for aLmost 2 months. for NA's, it'LL be given after a year, if you are confirmed, actuaLLy it will not be given to an NA, if an NA is confirmed. he or she then wiLL become an NR.
PDA and Laptop is aLso given to NR's rightaway,,
need not to enumerate aLL of the advantages of NR's over NAs.. good thing though that my boss found a way to give us aLL these Luxuries of an NR.. and since i, and my batchmate Ley was assigned in a Land far away (Leyte), not knowing how to drive, we were even given driving Lessons for free =D hey the job requires it.. since there was no driving schooL in that Land far away,, we had to Learn driving at the Queen City in the south.. cebu that is =D..

being aLL aLone in a Land far away, feeLing more and more of the distance due to the difference in Language,, i'd say i shouLd've matured even quite a bit,, but,, after 3 months there,, i think, my biggest reaLization is that i am a heLpLess crybaby who can't even wait few weeks more (for the Christmas break) to go home..
the job wasn't reaLLy tedious i think.. it was so-so,,there were days that i feLt so haggard and during my waiting momentsss (most doctors entertain reps onLy after patients) i feLt compLeteLy homesick.. (going back to my reaLization)

i've met a Lot of interesting peopLe there,, mostLy heaLthcare practitioners: MD's, nurse, Midwives even BHW: baranggay heaLth worker.. i aLso met Latter Day Saints members, and even had cLass with missionaries assigned there..
by the way, out of 12(not sure if correct) of us who passed the training at rockweLL,, one by one, we feLL from the branch of the big tree,, resigned for personaL reasons,, i think i was the 6th or 5th who resigned,..'twas tough..

i wouLdn't know if there was much more to say about my stint as a med rep.. oh btw again,since i appLied my drver's License there, and it'LL be reLeased after 5 months so from october to march,, iLL have my friends there pick it up for me and sent via whatsoever carriage =D

i came back here in Luzon LAst december 7 '07, that was a friday, my sister booked me that day because she thought it was a saturday,, so great,, everyone was at work,, no one to pick me up with my oh so heavy Luggage, fiLLed with cLothes haLf of which i didn't use (i was Lent a uniform).. so i've decided that i'LL just go home via taxi,, (ang yaman di ba? magkano kaya un hanggang gma?) but my unavaiLabLe knight in shining armor objected and said that he wouLdn't aLLow me to go home by myseLf,, so he sent his mother,, tita gigi, picked me up, and i was just so gLad to speak with a tagaLog again..
monday, i appLied at jL LEarning center in Sta. Rosa Laguna where my friend que works..(used to, she was aLready pirated by one of the cLients there as a private tutor) hiring was quick since teachers were very much needed there.. and it has begun..
december is a peak season for engLish Learning centers here in the PhiLippines because it's winter break in Korea and korean parents send their LittLe boys and girLs to study engLish here,, it's advantageous over engLish Learning centers in Korea because here, students are more practiced because outside their homestay, the onLy way they can communicate is to speak engLish,, magkabaLubaLuktot na ang diLa niLa, they have to speak in engLish for them to be understood, even just for a LittLe bit =p

i'd say ive met more interesting peopLe here than my previous job as a rep,, being a teacher is definiteLy more rewarding than that of a rep,,(for me ha,, opinion ko Lang to) so the set up was 4 or Less students per teacher, if the stars were with them, it's one on one..

i appLied monday, dec 10 and started dec 11.. ambiLis diba?

i met my first four students: jerry, jenny, kevin and martin,, (those are their engLish names) since their reaL names are hard to pronounce, they were given engLish names by the teachers at the academy..

i don't know the korean name of jerry because after few weeks he was transferred to another cLass

during the first few weeks,, i aLmost gave up on martin (sang hun) it was so hard to motivate him to study! he was very very sLeepy! so Let me describe them one by one..

kevin (yang ji seok) is a very cute boy, very fair skin, except for his atopy (according to him) he has a Lot of aLLergies, one is from chicken (poor boy) he speaks good engLish,, correct grammar but a very Lazy student..he's aLso very sweet,,Jenny,(in hye eun) a very taLL girL, i think she's 5'4 and she's onLy 13.. jerry,, one of the smart ones,, he can perfect the exercises given to them that was why he was transferred, students were cLassified by LEveLs, beginners: B and advanced beginners AB,,, subcLassified to B0, B1 and B2 then AB1, AB2 and AB3.. after that,, there are more LEveL which we no Longer need to discuss..

going back to my students.. Martin (jang sang hun) was my probLem student in the earLier days of our "engLish camp" he can answer the exercise though.. they were my morning cLass,,they are LeveL ab1 so it's good that they can easiLy understand me, since they knwo a bit in engLish
my after noon cLass, is LeveL b1,, so imagine the transition from ab1 who can pick up right away to b1.. omg..
my students were jammy (mun so ra) david (shin seung min) ryan (go chang won) and tom2 (jang jin young),, the LAst one was named tom 2 because there were 3 toms in the academy..
good thing though that they were aLL obedient,, i had no probLem with them,, untiL,, they became comfortabLe with me,,
i woudn't consider myseLf as a strict teacher,, but unfortunateLy i made some of my students cry.. it was definiteLy unintentionaL! i feLt guiLty.. though someone said i shouLdn't..
there were a Lot of reshuffLing.. and some students had to go back to korea.. hye eun and so ra had to go back earLier than others.. they went back feb 8 as oppose to most of the students who went back to korea just Last week feb 27..

so ra even gave me a coLogne as a present.. it was so sweet because she was very very quiet!! as in! she onLy speaks whenever i ask questions for the whoLe cLAss,,there was one time though that i asked my students if they understood the Lesson,, and as a test, i had them teach in front and i sat acting their worst attitudes as a student.. ryan started and i was surprised because he presented with confidence,,weLL a bit shy though, but aLL the things he said was correct,, and jammy went next, she was reaLLy shy,, and gave back the white board marker to sooner than i want,, tom aLso discussed but onLy briefLy,, david was at the dentist that time..

i remember a time when ryan cried out of frustration,, he was sLeepy during that day,, him and tom,, i was so pissed off at them so i wrote as a comment on his score book that he was disobedient,, he Looked up the word on his dictionary and said he wasn't then, the argument went on for a whiLe.. ryan is a very smart kid, he even expressed his disappointment with respect that's why i have such big respect for him too..
i Learned a Lot from ryan,,from their cuLture and history,, he Likes history (the subject)..

weeks went on,, i made jokes during cLass that's why they became too comfortabLe with me,, david then became my probLem student,.very dependent.. he aLso cried once.. (Long story and not my fauLt) so since i hated the way he studies, i wrote on his score book that he shouLd be on tutoriaL..

which came true,, so i thought there was onLy ryan and tom Left for me.. both were fast Learners and both were very obedient.. untiL a news came to me,, 2 more student wiLL be added to me,, biLL (aLso maximus) and harry (as in harry potter).. and my roLe as a referee began,, OMG! biLL, a big boy was such a buLLy and moody student,, or first day wasn't very good,, and harry, the boy whom i wiLL never ever forget.. he smiLes the cutest but don't be fooLed because he's a fighting machine (as LabeLed by one of the teachers) reaLLy he's such a smaLL boy, very cute but not a day pass without a fight of him and another student,, sometimes it's harry vs. ryan, harry vs. tom and harry vs. biLL,, at their homestay its everyday harry vs. kevin.. =0 he has a Lot of tricks,, aLL of the teachers know him because he's very popuLAr,,

btw, i was aLso added with another student in the morning, he is sparta.. yeah that's his engLish name. korean name is pyone jun hyone..very inteLLigent, but not reaLLy good in expressing his thoughts in engLish,, he can't survive without his dictionary,.he went home earLy by surprise because he's graduating from middLE schooL
i think it's another noveL to teLL aLL my stories about them,,
oh, since the reshuffLing, i was given a new set of morning students: nancy, jw, peter and vince,,
first two were 14 peter was 13 i think, and vince is 18,, vince is a typicaL teenager,,once he even went to the academy drunk! (infamous Line: "give her the sign, the middLe finger sign")

i became attached with my students though.. unexpectedLy.. and i miss them too!!
during their Last day, ryan and tom gave me a present,, a LittLe stuffed animaL from ryan and a pack of coffee from tom, i was so touched! i gave aLL of them a pair of socks with their names painted on the soLe..david was shy that he didn't have anything for me so he gave me his penciL case..
harry asked for my number,, and i was so surprised because he caLLed me,,
it made my day.. i was so happy to hear from him and his brother martin.. i even toLd martin that he can caLL me if he needs heLp in any of his engLish assignments.. aw i reaLLy miss them,,

there's more to teLL about my teaching stint,, never did i think that i'd be a teacher,,but i had fun whiLe i was one,,
now that i'm a bum,, i feLt the same as i did whiLe i was on the pLane going back here in Luzon,, Like i jumped from a cLiff without a parachute, faLLing to the dark beyond!
weLL that's the irresponsibLe me.. spending time bLogging instead of job hunting..
that wouLd be it for now,, i'm aLso tired..


Saturday, February 02, 2008


something infiniteLy interesting

today is ordinary Like aLL the other ordinary days of my Life..

no pLans, same memories, same regrets and an immiscible bLend of tedium and boredom..
bLunt, nonchanlant, bLithe, pLain,,
i wait for the hour of being with the guy i adore most... about 5 to 6 hours more...

**i know i'LL see you again,, whether far or soon,, but i need you to know, that i care,, and i miss you