Friday, March 04, 2011

essay writing contest???

something infiniteLy interesting

People often succumb to daydreaming as a way of an escape if they are discontented with the situation they are in. But if I could be somebody else for a day, I’d rather be someone with terminal illness.

Not that I want to pass sooner, I only want to have a different outlook in life. I often feel that I take things for granted. It’s not uncommon for one to procrastinate, but people abuse it, including myself. We write all these lists; short and long term goals. We plan ahead but are never really brave enough to make that first step towards achieving our goals. Yes they say no one gets out of here alive. I just think that people who know that they only have short time to live have better appreciation of life. See people are never satisfied. Blessings are often taken for granted. So if I could be somebody else for a day; get a chance to view life in a different perspective, I know I’ll come back from that experience more alive than ever.

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