Tuesday, July 05, 2011

December Avenue's SLEEP TONIGHT Teedee Launch

Zel Bautista, Jet Danao, Dondon Gregorio and Jem Manuel, collectively known as December Avenue launched their 2nd Teedee last July 2nd at Citywalk2, Eastwood City Libis, just right in front of the shop that retails Sonic Teedee, Built by Sonic. Sleep tonight Teedee Launch is Built by Sonic’s first Front Yard Session with performances by Sugarplum Fairy, WalkieTalkies and Malay. The launch was hosted by Alex Lim and Jewel Angeles.

I first heard this band around April or May of 2010 when my then good friend, now boyfriend shared their songs I’ll be watching you and Ears and Rhymes. He knew that I would like them. Since then, I got exposed to other Sonicboom bands that are sure enough talented and are music-makers of substance.

I think Alex Lim, the man behind Sonicboom, is just brilliant when it comes to scouting talents. And aside from scouting talents, I think he’s also good in running the business. Sonicboom has expanded to Sonic Shape, carrying Teedee Hear and Wear, The Sonic Pill, an online music community, and their shop at Eastwood, Built by Sonic.

December Avenue’s Sleep tonight tee was designed by Aikee Vestil from Cebu and teedee includes a now more convenient download code so you can get the tracks online. Tracks included are.. (oh shit, I left them with the boyfriend) but yeah I know (or I think) it includes City Lights, I’ll be watching you (new vesion) and Dahan. I forgot the other one, but I’m guessing Sleep tonight, cause, duh, it’s the Sleep tonight teedee hahahaha. Man, I’ll just edit this once I get the list from the boyfriend.

So if you don’t have one yet, just swing by at Built by Sonic in Eastwood.

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