Friday, December 26, 2014

Traveler's Regrets

7107 Islands and I've only been to a few. I know there are more to see but I kind of miss the places that I've been to and I absolutely want to revisit and rediscover most of them.

1. Biliran - I don't think this place is advertised enough! During my short stint as a Nutrition Associate (Nestlé's equivalent to a Medical Representative), I was priviledged (I didn't feel this way back then) to be assigned in Ormoc, Leyte. I covered the areas of eastern part of Leyte, Southern Leyte and Biliran.
Crossing the Biliran Bridge for the first time was a feast to my eyes! I wanted to pullover and just enjoy the view left and right. It was absolutely breathtaking! Unfortunately, I was super boring that time and too afraid to explore. I could've used the company car to explore! But I didn't! Such a waste of opportunity =(

Seriously - I got an entire island to explore, plus so easy to visit other neighboring provinces.
2. San Juan, La Union - I know I have proclaimed my love for SJ elyu in my previous post so I'll just keep this one short.
I still want to learn to surf so that's one reason. And who wouldn't want to sit by the shore at sunset and just listen to the waves crashing? "Chill" is the best description of enjoying San Juan, La Union.

3. Camotes Islands, Cebu - Well, poor planning for a newbie traveler - I didn't allot enough time for our island tour. There was so much more to see that we didn't get to visit cause of time constraints.
Going over my list makes me hungry for some beach time! When did I become an "Island girl"?! Thank God I'm born in The Philippines (even though I do take it for granted). I cannot really promise myself that I'd travel more this coming year, but I guess in the future I better be a wiser traveler.

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