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4th time in Cebu, first time to SINULOG!
Initially solo trip to ni Fudge, my college friend who is now based in his home country, Kuwait. But then Lj and I made sabit. Magulo pa nga coz Fudge's trip is from madaling araw of January 17 til January 22. Mahaba stay nya and I don’t want to use that much of Vacation Leave credits from work; so Saturday til Tuesday naman ako (Jan 17th to 20th).  I found out night before na kasama din pala sister ni Fahad and friend. The more the many’er ;p. Lj my adventurerang friend went sailing. As in nagbarko si ate papunta dun, at na-delay delay. Ang ending, she got there the same afternoon that I left.

With only a Jansport backpack, I commuted from Alabang to Pasay rotunda. Rode the airport loop bus to get to Terminal 3, and got there about an hour and a half early for my flight. Sige ako sa tambay and browse/IG sa phone; at muntik pa maiwan ng flight ko!  But thank God I didn’t miss it.

I booked a family room at Main Hotel and Suites in J.Panis Street, Cebu City. We didn’t get to check in right away coz hectic ang schedule ng housekeeping! Hunger Games na ko ng mga oras na yun, so pagka check in namin, freshen up lang saglit then rampa na agad. And eto ha, ewan ko ba bakit ang malas ko. Tatlong restaurants (Sunburst, Golden Cowrie and Sugbahan) along A.S Fortuna, sarado! Ayaw ko sana sa mall, pero that’s what we ended up doing. We went to Parkmall in Mandaue where my most important agenda is happening. But dinner first, we chose Hukad – yummy Chicken Pandan!

At ang pinaka importanteng agenda for this trip --- FASPITCH!! Thank you Venom III for Threadfest Sinulog 2015. And really, a lot of great bands played, most (at least sa mga naabutan namin) I’ve already seen play live before sa mga Sonic Boom events; Sirens, Drop Decay, The Line Divides, Faintlight to name a few. There’s also this Singaporean band, Caracal and galing din nila. They played a sexy ass song that I can’t remember the title. And then there was Faspitch. This is only the 2nd time na napanood ko sila coz they don’t play at gigs that much anymore. Another order of business is also Faspitch-related ~ getting the ScarsXFaspitch shirt. No sizes! I got one for Ali, and til now medyo regret pa din that I didn’t get one for myself.

Sa dinami dami ng festival sa Pinas, this is actually the first I’ve been to. So we waited for the parade at Fuente Osmeña. And man – mas matindi ang mosh pit dito than any other gigs I’ve been to hahahaha. Sinulog is very popular coz of the giant street party the city turns to be. We went to Spectrum’s SINULOG INVASION at the Fooda Parking lot. Bago pala yun, edi lakad lakad lang kami, there was this one party sa tapat ng isang restaurant, so pasok kami and naki sayaw and slam saglit - for free tapos ayun punta na sa Fooda. We only saw 2 DJs although mahaba naman mga set nila. One is from France I think (?) Quintino wait, googling. Okay mali ako, he’s Dutch – so from the Netherlands pala sya. Ayun then another one na naabutan namin, DJ Ace Ramos. First time ko sa mga gantong Dance/EDM gig. Akala ko they’re all the same, pero mas nagalingan ako dun kay Dutch DJ (sorry na sa mga fans). Sana pala kumuha ako nung Nick Automatic X Rhipstop shirt that comes in with free passes sa event na yun. Althought we didn't really plan kung saan party kami, una nga dapat dun sa Sensation sa Alchology, but since una namin nakita yung sa Fooda, dun na lang kami.

3rd day is beach day! We stayed at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Lapu Lapu City. Ganda ng lugar! I think they made use of the space very efficiently. But the beach wall is so panget. It made the beach less appealing. But the room and the cute pool, so nakaka relax! Yummy buffet for breakfast too! Their omelet is ♥. Gusto ko nga i-try yun gawin sa bahay. Fudge's friend went crazy sa French Toast nila. Seriously, if it weren’t for the beach wall, sarap talaga mag tambay sa shore. That afternoon, we went back to the city. I wanted to make pasyal sana sa Jesuit house and sa Yap Ancestral home sa Pari-an, but kainis lang, kasi there’s this "café" I saw sa blog na nasa Pari-an, na ngayon e carenderia na lang. So ending, nag mall na naman kami – we had dinner at Big Mao in Ayala. Pwede na din. Pila sana kami sa Casa Verde, kaso nagkaka ubusan na ng steak, and Farah is really hungry na.

I have to say there’s still more to discover, more to see (and eat)! Maybe someday I’ll go solo all the way. Yun nga, yung sa Pari-an and  gusto ko sana makapag Lantaw in Busay at night. And hopefully by then kaya ko na mag Cebuano – I need more practice pa! kthxbye

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