Thursday, May 12, 2005


out of 6 of my diskettes aren't woking properLy!!


: : DaiLy bread : :

you have made known to me the path of Life; you fiLL me with joy in your presence
-psaLm 16:11

: : L s S : :

--- i don't have a song for the moment
( i wiLL perish in the absence of music)

: : DaiLy events : :

na-greet ko na ba ang (probabLy onLy) viewer ko?? hi jed emiL viLLAvicencio or,, baka ate ko din?? hi jie jie happy birthday vir
i am bored i hate thursdays!!

i over-sLept!! (maybe the cause why i am having such a bad mood)
i defLated my baLLoons and Left a powder bLue one and the pink one
i need a new penciL

as of 051205thu200837 my baLance is 8.80i aLso have 0 remaining free Texts!!
hubbies went swimming,, i stayed home and watched meteor garden!! (tsk tsk tsk)
my ringtone used to be xavier, jhe and jo's version of FuLL house's 3 LittLe bears, i switched back to oLd phone,,,
my brother asked me if i stiLL have that U2 wth or without u ringrone.. (of course!)

i once was a subscriber of:

touch mobiLe and smart

i am currentLy a gLobe subscriber with an aLter-sim of Sun ceLLuLar =D

Did yOu kNow tHat.......
this girL commits 5-7 of the cardinaL sins (or the 7 deadLy sins)a point of two in a day?

but she stiLL prays every waking moment, before and after meaLs, before she goes to bed,, and
some more points in between... (beLieve it or die!!!!!)

: : random thoughts : :

back to prose and strawberry juice
i am back to prose because i am having a hard time pLacing my thoughts in verse...i was trying to put my feeLings and thoughts in verse, rhythm and everything eLSe poetic, but then i faiLEd,, seems Like the right hemisphere of my brain is asLeep

i tried HAiku -- it's a form of japanese poetry of 3 Lines, in syLLAbLes of 5,7,5
but then it's hard when you faLL in Love with beautifuL words, then you tend to forget that your purpose was to Lay your feeLings and thoughts in poetry. two words: not working!
another thing, i'm aLso having a hard time with rhymes!

i don't know, sometimes it comes out spontaneousLy,,but most of the times i have to reverse the whoLe stanza just to get the rhymes right---and then i Lose my point

SO that's the reason why i am back to unfiLed prose...oh the strawberry juice??-- i finished one titLe just reads better with it...

----------------may kanta na ko!!!-----------------------------------------------------

fiLL her!!!
---you're staring at my souL, my sanity you stoLe,,,though i can't see you,, i caN feeL you,,, when i get near aLL my feaRs disaPpear,, and i won't be aLone anYmore...
the b3st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

something infiniteLy interesting

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