Sunday, June 18, 2006

random thoughts

something infiniteLy interesting
tunay na father's day!
today is quite the same as aLL the other days in my Life..
but of course i reaLized a bit of growth in me..
"you are unique, just Like everybody eLse"it was reaLLy funny when i read that..i am as typicaL as everyone eLse thinking they are someone different!
we aLL have our edge over someone eLse but that doesn't mean we are more speciaL than them, cause most probabLy they have something that we want..
actuaLLy, thinking about aLL of these things frustrates me,
because i beLieve i am a major optimist!
weLL we aLL have our own opinion, i am not a smart person,, just a smart ass!! =P
i mean, my points of view are probabLy the same as everybody eLse..
what's making them unique,, probabLy is my beLief that it is.
do you get it?cause i don't!!!!!
see this is just one of those random thoughts i have that never get to my originaL point!

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