Monday, January 10, 2005

funniest reed cLAss

something infiniteLy interesting

reed : reLigion education

funniest... weLL take a Look:

pLace: PCH 105

characters: bot, Lj, khaz, shang

scene: we were sitting side by side from Left to right, just Like i arranged the characters.we were in our reed cLass under Mr. Musico -- oh yeah the name sings.. i mean speaks for itseLf
obviousLy these students weren't Listening

bot/ Lj: (to khaz) kring, sinong pumatay kay koko krunch?

khaz: (isip sip kunwari) sino?

bot/ Lj: SeriaL kiLLer!

nag enjoy si khaz! bumaLing sa katabi sa kanan (yshang)

khaz: (to yshang) shang, shang, sinong pumatay kay koko

shang: (kunot ang noo) ha? pinatay ba si koko krunch?!??!

(natawa si khaz ng sobrang sobra!-bumaLing sa kaLiwa at kinuwento ang pangyayari)
si yshang ay nagtataka!

shang: hah?? (kunot ang noo at nagtataka) diba si keLogs un?!??!?

tawa pa din kami!

shang: yung nasa karton?! (nagtataka pa din!)

papaliLaLa ko Lang ang mga tauhan =)

2nd from LEft, shang,khaz,Lj bot..

the guy on the other end is our friend fudge

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