Friday, January 14, 2005's heaLing gem anaLysis on me

Do you have trouble following through with things?
Is it difficult for you to complete assignments for school, clean your room or make plans (and stick with them)?
Maybe you have trouble sleeping?
Then carnelian might be the stone you need...

Not just because gem healers believe it has the power to help you sleep, but because it will help you put your ideas into action.
If you have a lot of ambition, but you find yourself procrastinating, putting things off until the last possible minute, gem healers like Marilyn Twintrees would suggest that
you just need to mend the divide between your body and mind, to free yourself of the sadness, envy, fear or whatever emotions are preventing you from getting things done.
In simple terms, carnelian can help you get motivated to make your dreams a reality.

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