Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I miss attending small gigs pero dito,it's a huge gig and Oh I'm excited to attend. Gig na walang tapon :p
I am particularly excited to see FRANCO ~ kinda intrigued kung sino ang mag play ng instruments for Franco, you know because of the news that they've disbanded na. I missed Up Dharma Down, Sandwich and Paramita! And it's always nice to see URBANDUB play ♥. There's also this new band that I'm kinda getting addicted to now, NEVER THE STRANGERS, and hopefully they dont play too early so I can catch them live. 
I'm going w/ the boyfriend and my beautiful VZB friends so it's gonna be extra fun. But man, I know we procrastinated, pero ubusan pala ang tickets talaga! I checked 2 branches of 7/11 sa Paliparan and  2 sa GMA (well one is in Bulihan) and they're already out of VIP tickets. Even sa 7/11 sa Civic prime bldg here sa Alabang. Buti meron pa here sa Northgate! ~effort pa diba, andito lang pala sa labas ng office :)

Rock on \m/

credits to Tanduay for the photo!/TanduayRhumOfficial?fref=ts
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