Monday, October 17, 2005

muSicaL fuLLmoon

something infiniteLy interesting

it aLL concLude to this:

grabe ang GALING GALING niLa!

+LyLo on drums
+boton on bass
+tata "the guru" on Lead and vocALs

===swoon swoon swoon===
i caught my jaw hanging severaL times during their performance
and wow oh wow to my mentor who can pLAy both the drums and guitarS!
and pLAys it soooooooo goooood!
i had a 30 minute sort of idiot's guide to pLAying the drums-LEsson with him LAst night!
--and he couLd be a reaLLy effective teacher!
we didn't get the chance
to taLk to the bassist but from what i know,, he's a fine inveStment of kuya tata's
kuya tata of courSe
okay now to the GURU
very taLented,,
juSt sooo taLented!
he made singing and pLAying guitar Look so easy,,
and i can not forget to mention his jaw-dropping singing taLEnt!!
**wow taLAga**
i wish to see more of their performanceS
haaaiii three to caSt,, i'm so proud to be affiLiated to them
****and more performanCes****
LEt us not forget to mention the (cLap cLap cLap) aweSome singing voice of kuya mic!!
wooo hoooo,,, pang VocaList taLaGa!
there was aLso this other kuya-which-i-didn't-get-the-name-for-some-reaSon who aLso gave guitar LEssons to Lj and kre that night, who by the way aLso sings good
and this other kuya-same-as-the-above who pLayed good muSic,, and d*mn their hands are juSt so,,, just so Like their hands ,,, overLy-taLented! (--is that gramiticaLLy aLLowed?)
okay,, kre wanted us to pLay so hard that's why she asked mother dear if it was okay to rent instruments that night
i thought we couLdn't make it..due to vox-mother-technicaLities but then again we survived dahhahaha--actuaLLy they did,, i didn't,, see i was busy meeting my mentor for the firSt time,,
WEaL rock! LEss yshang and me,, =)
they pLayed practiced songs such as
when i'm thinking about you
(appLause appLause)
i spent aLmost 15 hourS at rue's and was awake tiL 7 am!


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