Wednesday, October 05, 2005

something infiniteLy interesting

: :DaiLy bread: :
You hear oh Lord, the desire of the affLicted;
You encourage them and You Listen to their cry,
defending the faithLEss and oppresSed
in order that man who is of the earth may terrify no more
: : daiLy events: :
LAst meeting na paLA sa reed namin, LAte pa ko ng 45 minutes...
or 50?
quiZ bee sa hiSto! go hubbies!!
exam sa biochem LAb--hmm sige na nga kunwari may naisagot!
exam sa HistoLogy Lab.. tsk tsk di ko aLam yung staining
-kinuha ko yung mga sobrang sLides!
Diabetes meLLitus!! wooo hooo,, i need some inSuLin ^_^
nakita ko si kreeeSs
cordon bleu na naman Lunch ko for the nth time
tsk tsk,, kakuLangan na sa fibers!
namiss ko na mag offLine bLog... mas may sense,,, mas may feeLings,, mas napagiisipan!
: :L S s : :
everything's gonna be aLright
: : random thoughts : :
(i breathed more than a coupLe times before continuing with this bLog, so heLp me God)
i'm back to my oLd habits of "crush dyan" "pakiLig dito" since this four chambered organ they caLL "heart" doeSn't beLong to anyone okay? i own it. not that i'm too seLfish to share it, i wiLL-- LAter,,,
hopefuLLy with someone who can share his currentLy Loafer heart as weLL..
but that's NOT MY POINT..
what i'm Saying is,, it's nice to have that ehem,, sugar of a smiLe thing goin' on,, tsk tsk,, too much sugar!
nice hair, taLLer than he seemed to be, timid, good basketbaLL skiLLs, weird(--same here!)
and stiLL Looks good even if i find the coLor of his shirt duLL
i shouLd be studyin by now..
speciaL thanks to bobbie pearL caLLeja, Victor pauLo sta. Maria , weaL of courSe
and most especiaLLy to Ms chernabyL tibayan for LEtting me share my :
i-wanna-jump-dance-sing-smiLe-huggs-kiLig of a moment
with you =) it means a Lot to me,, you serve as my insuLin shots
DISCLAIMER: this story is for bLog purposes onLy,
characters and events are just pureLy fictionaL! =P

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