Monday, December 26, 2005

"too forward of me to taLk about Life...."

see? im stuck here,, nothin much has changed, i am so afraid of change,,
the first thing i do after getting a hair cut is regretting that i got one,,weLL that's most of the time..
i am not getting anywhere,,,
anyways,, i have another thought in my head..
i am thinking about equaLity,, i beLieve in it..
i beLieve (95% LikeLy) that no one's Life is better than anyone.. do you foLLow?
movin on,, i guess its just ourseLves reaLLy that sets up the standards of Living, (i'm runnin out of words!!)
satisfaction comes aLong with our wiLLingness of accepting things that are happening in our Lives..
so am i getting anywhere?
on the other hand,, what i don't understand is
what am i in your Life?
are we aLL reaLLy connected in some way? (parang friendster Lang!?!)
the things i do? do the things that wiLL happen to you depends on what i've decided to do?
if i breathed a LittLe deeper wiLL you actuaLLy breathe LEsser air in time?
i am just wondering,,
and just crazy,,
so,, tonight ,, or today? how much time did you Lose reading this?
did i make sense? or did the rooster on the boundary of San pedro Laguna actuaLLy Lay an egg?
stupid thoughts huh? i thought so too =P
something infiniteLy interesting

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