Monday, November 07, 2005

sometimes God gives us
an orange when we asked
for an appLE because
He knows that the season
won't give us the sweetest one.
everything is BeautifuL in His own time

im'ona share to you one of the saddest thing ive ever read...
sobrang una ko tong nabaSa uhm,, mga 2nd year highschooL ako,, basta nung time na yun una din akong na-addict sa 10 things i hate about you,,,
tapos,, coLLege nabasa ko uLi to sa Laboratory manuaL ni dociLE,,, tsk tsk,, feLLow hopeLEss-romantic.. =)
--syempre hindi naman ako nakakareLAte.. pero pag maLungkot diba,, it's so easy to get your sympathy

whenever i looked at you
i feel sudden sadness
because i know you're someone who could never be mine
maybe you have noticed the sudden changes i'm having lately
i couldn't handle it anymore
i can't go on pretending
i hate myself for not being able to admit
i'm too afraid of the consequences that are bound to happen
you're smile keeps on haunting me
my mind is telling me to forget you, but how?
for long i have loved you in silence
i tried to show it hoping that you'll soon see
yet you are blind
or maybe you're just not ready for something like this
or maybe you're waiting for my move
a move that might never happen
the distance between us is getting bigger
i couldn't do anything but to admire you from a distance
i know whatever happens you and i will remain just a dream
only in my dreams i can hold you
only there i can tell you're mine
but when that dream is finally over
reality creeps through my heart
and says you're someone who never be mine

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