Saturday, August 14, 2010


something infiniteLy interesting

happy that i'm loved

"si czar kasi kung magmahal yung tipong wala ka ng mapaglagyan" - lj paz

haaiii.. im just super happy right now. this is all new to me,. i super like him, and i've been telling him how i feel.he's been telling me how he feels and i'm just super happy. i dont know how to regulate. pero im scared that this is all just temporary. i dont want to mess anything up.
ayaw kong mawala bago pa mag umpisa. and yet im scared that if anything develops, na di rin magwork. he's one of those few ones that i want for the rest of my life. i would always want him in my life, whatever kind of "relationship" we/we'll have.
he's THAT valuable.
haaiii miss ko na agad

tomatostellar chazers

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