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La Union Soul Surf 2014

One of the best weekends ever! San Juan La Union I love you forever!
I dont remember how I knew about this event, probably coz of the people I follow on Social Media. Yeah I think that's it. I think I saw a video of the band Soju or maybe Salamin. I can't recall, but I guess that's okay coz Soju and Salamin involved (back then) fairly similar people.
I thought it would be fun to go to an event like that since I love the beach and I like music. Not much on the surfing but music by the beach was already tempting.
And then again Social Media ~ I saw a post and found out that DISHWALLA will be playing. I cannot miss it! Technically, I can  (I did actually, but we'll get to that later), but it would be nice to actually be there. Thank God that one of my bestfriends was also interested in going. Sooooo, being the lakwatsera that we are, I made arrangements, emailed back and forth with the production company - Beep! and voila two tickets to #SoulSurf2014 ♥


I don't know how else to, but I'll tell you what we did to get there. We took a bus (via Partas Transport in Aurora Ave in Cubao) headed to Laoag and got off right in front of the resort we booked.
So easy right?

Ass hurt a little bit tho, I didn't get bored coz my friend and I did a lot of catching up, plus boyfriend loaded some episodes of the Big Bang Theory in a flash drive. I didnt get to watch all of it, I actually enjoyed looking out the window. I barely slept on our way there. It was a 6.5 hour trip, inlcuding a 20-30 min stopover in Sison, Pangasinan.


We stayed at Costa Villa I don't really have much to say about the resort. It was a nice place to sleep at, that's just about it. Oh and also, kuya who's working in the kitchen seems nice.

The actual event was held at Urbiztondo beach in front of Kahuna Beach Resort.  Since we arrived almost 10pm Friday evening, we didn't bother going to Kahuna. Instead we had pizza and drinks at Flotsam and Jetsam. Oh FnJ, I need a separate blog entry to proclaim my love for you! ♥ I wish we couldve stayed there, but they're fully booked by the time I was making arrangements with the production company.
But heres a few that I'd like to say:
1. I miss Gusgus
2. Flotjet Style Sling is ♥ ~ sort of like my Sangria from Caf√© Mary Grace but with booze (means perfect right?)
3. Yummy pizza and chicken, and I guess the rest of the stuff on the menu, but the pizza and the chicken were my favorite!
4. I can live here forever!

Day 2

We had breakfast at Kahuna and given that the resort is kinda fancy, that means it was also pricey (rhyme was not intentional). We walked along the shores of Urbiztondo Beach and the waves is inviting. We didn't try to surf on our 2nd day, but did enjoy beer by the shore. I know we drank a lot that weekend! We tried to look for some souvenirs but I guess it was still early and most of the stores were closed. So we headed back to our room and walked on the road side, aaaaand ding ding ding ~ stumbled upon a crush ♥ yiieeee ~ Eo Marcos of Kjwan by the sari sari store bothered by a fan girl refraining her kilig! "Eo pwede magpa-picture?" I don't remember what his answer was, I was already drifing away to kiligerland. And my IG post, gosh that's a totally different story.

Back at Costa Villa, we dipped in the (mini)pool and enjoyed an afternoon swim. The sun is just brutal and strong currents makes it scary to swim at the beach; also it is prohibited by the resort.

I went back to Flotsam and Jetsam that afternoon coz I couldn't sleep. We were supposed to nap so we have the energy later that night. That was when I had the yummy chicken. I should've added:
5. Tons of chicks at FnJ
I was sitting by the bar just watching Allan (or Raymond? God I forgot sorry!!) the bartender run a one-man show. Girls following up on their orders started talking to me. I hope I did not look lonely. I was having a great time even by myself. Just being there, I was in awe. The place is beautiful. I dont think they put anything in my chicken that was not supposed to be there, but man I was happy that afternoon. And I had beer and another FJ Sling, so got hammered, and found the sleep that I was looking for.

That evening, DJs or Spinner (?) I dont know the correct term to use, but the sounds that night at the event was more techno, so we couldnt really relate, wasnt our "type" so we went back to the room early. Also we wanted to make sure we'd be able to get up early for our Surfing lessons!
Right before goin to bed, we did a little bit of star-gazing by the beach near Costa Villa. The sky was pefect! I saw 7 shooting stars and I think I should really wish something incredible.

Day 3

Php 400 for an hour of Surf lessons. I think it's a standard rate. I absolutely didn't expect I'd survive, but we're already in San Juan, must try it. It'll be a shame if we dont. Kuya Tisoy was my instructor. He's a local and used to compete. I've read some stuff online before I found the courage to actually try. Truth is, I don't know how to swim; to tread actually. I can float, do breast stroke, back stroke - slight chance of drowning if I try freestyle but treading, no, not really. I found out that, beginners lesson would start somewhere shallow where instructors would still be able to be on his feet. So yey! That's all I needed to know and just have the instructor teach me.
Attempted several times and failed and when finally I was able to stand and ride the waves, I was so elated - one of the best experience ever! Like I said I didnt expect much, so being able to stand on the board was an accomplishment for me! Of course I fell again on the next try. It was exhausting to try to get back on the board, the waves was like an angry bitch pulling and pushing you just because she can. But it was a fantastic experience. I'm really looking forward to trying to learn again.

Yummy breakfast at Fatwave Resort! Just the energy we needed after our surfing lessons.

But I guess surfing didnt take all our energy! We had a little side trip to San Fernando, La Union (SFLU). The place felt familiar for some reason I will not disclose. We saw the church and the plaza; walked around the market place and headed back to San Juan.

A little bit of rest and we're back to party! We walked along the shore and laid a sarong to sit on. We just watched the waves and adore the sunset! I need more synonyms for the word "beautiful" ♥ At this point I was already thinking of going back even just for the weekend - even if I was alone. My heart and San Juan La, Union is connected forever!

Weather can be a bitch sometimes. But we already know that. We also know that in a tropical country like ours, it's either sunny or rainy! Main event some techno dudes played, I enjoyed some of the other performances of artists that I dont remember the names. I'm really sorry, I should pay more attention to faces and names. But I remembered SINYMA coz the vox is a hot chick, and sometimes I wonder if I have a tendency to be a lipstick lesby. Anyway Jess Connelly of Sinyma is absolutely beautiful and I think that sky was a little jealous of her, so it started to pour some rain on everyone at the event. And there's the wind. Ending ~ the stage and the equipments got wet. And of course this happened right before Kjwan and Dishwalla was scheduled to play!!!!!!!
Ugh timing is such a bitch! And again, tropical country, production team should already know that there's always the possibility of rain in the Philippines! Why was the stage not secured.
People were left in the rain and started chanting "Dishwalla! Dishwalla!".  Why wouldn't they? It was the main act, at least for me and I guess the people who were chanting.
Okay, mishaps can happen, but the most disappointing part for me was NO ONE FROM BEEP! PRODUCTION MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT whatsoever. Just left the people there who PAID and travelled drenched and clueless! So appalling. Not cool *smh*
I'd really love to tell you more about our disappointement but I guess you can just visit their Facebook page for that.

I really wish it did not end that way. Despite that, I'd still consider going back to San Juan for next year's Soul Surf.  I know they're trying to make it up for the ticket-holders by sending Dishwalla back to Manila this month - no date yet, but hopefully I can come.
Still because of the beauty of San Juan, La Union and the fun I had with Lj I really consider this as one of the most memorable weekends for this year!
Like what we kept on saying "may isusulat ka na sa diary mo".

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