Saturday, November 08, 2014


I am too sentimental and I don’t know why I describe myself that way coz there are also a lot of things that I forget. This rant will go online and aside from just reading it, in the future I will have something to either:
a)      be proud of
b)      embarrass myself with
c)       wonder what the hell is going on with my life at the age of 27
It’s a slow day today in the office. I’m grateful because most days are just brutal. So I’ll just do some random rambling that doesn’t really connect nor would be of relevance to society or anyone reading this.
I recently moved in LP. I have 2 housemates – who I barely see: Tata Dear and Knolan Dear. I think I heard footsteps earlier this morning, but I was too lazy to get out of bed to check or maybe I was just dreaming.
So,,, new place:
SIGNAL! – I get to maximize my mobile plan and not have to go outside of the house for cell reception!
There’s a fridge – I can buy veggies and cook them at a later time. I can also store leftovers
There’s TV – not that I’m too thrilled to have TV, I can actually live without it, but it’s nice to have
Space! – It’s a two-story apartment, and the living area is quite spacious- I can work out here!
Other furniture – like sofa, dining table etc.

Stairs – the steps are too steep, I’m always afraid of falling down (not that I can fall upwards)
True MLA Weather – it gets really hot upstairs especially in the afternoon, unlike at my place in Summitville, it’s an apartment building and I’m on the 2nd of 4 floors and sandwiched between 2 other tall buildings so the sun can’t really reach my room, but the wind can ~ how nice right?
Exposure – it doesn’t feel too private coz we’re along the main road
Utility bills – okay, I highly doubt I’d get a Php 0 in my electricity bill this time. Aww I miss not having to pay for electricity ;p

 Now I intended to talk about different things going on in my life, but I kinda got tired so I'll just talk about other people and other stuff.
1. Two of my close friends are preggo ~ Doe Zoey-mommy and Minzypie
2. Viber - thanks for the groupchat! I enjoy chatting with my friends who I don't see so often
3. Abs, why so difficult to achieve?!
4. Ellen Adarna is so hot, I have her #NakedTruth campaign photo as my lockscreen to serve as my Fitspiration
5. No. 4 is still kind of talking bou me, I guess so is no. 3
I'll stop here.







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