Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dream Chronicle 110914sun

Last night I had a dream. I was in an amusement park with an old friend. I don't know why I was with him, I haven't seen him nor talked to him in awhile.
We were running towards the huge ferris wheel and found ourselves to be next in line.
As I rode what appears like a capsule seat, I held on the bar in front of me. The wheel started to turn and as I approach the top of the wheel, I can see that I'm far away from the ground. I looked down and saw below me that the wheel appeared as if it was built above the water; and all I can see is blue. People and tents appeared so small; I felt I've reached thousands of feet above the ground; like how your view would be looking out to your window when in an airplane.
I felt scared, but I didnt want for it to stop. Few more turns and then I got scared.

I dont remember what happened next; I may have awaken.
I've read that dreaming about a Ferris wheel means that you're dissatisfied with how things are going round and round in your life.
And Heights means - you fear that you're desiring for something that appears unreachable
Water - state of emotion. In my dream the water appeared somewhat calm, it had tiny waves like there's breeze blowing above it.

I think it sums up all the things I've been thinking about lately.
I'm kind of skeptical with dream interpretation, but for the website that I based it on, it was spot on - except for the friend part. I did not really see much of relevance. Oh well, dreams are just dreams.

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