Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I want some more, Singapore!

Multi-ethnic nation = Gastronomic adventure!
Singapore is a must-visit for every foodie! Even though this place is known for being quite expensive (compared to other neighboring Asian countries), eating cheap is still possible. One word: Hawker. Who wouldn’t get excited with the abundance of option to choose from! It can get a little overwhelming though as there are really plenty of choices to choose from.

Makansutra at Gluttons Bay
Yup. Glutton here!
Started my adventure with Mee Goreng ~ Spicy Malaysian Stir-Fried Noodles
Sorry, Im not good with this food photography thing

then went a little conservative with this Salmon dish and paired it with delish Watermelon shake.
I don’t know what he had, it was like braised pork with kangkong (not sure)

One would surely go hungry from all the furniture shopping at IKEA. No problem, IKEA Restaurant also has exciting menu. Obviously not local, but their selection were all yummy and good for sharing!
We had Meatballs, Fried Chicken Wings and Pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs (yes again). And cake! 

Shopping is one of Singapore’s greatest draw. June, July, and August are the best months for shopping because of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS).  Orchard road is one of the most popular shopping destination in Singapore. Here you will find multitude of shops and retail center with huge discounts during GSS. And after filling your shopping bags, fill your tummy with delicious finds at the hawker center just outside the Concorde Hotel (Orchard cor Cavanagh).
Here we had Prawn Hot Plate, Chow fan, and some noodle dish (I don’t really remember if I didn’t order it).

And for our #SocialClimberActivities Harvey invited us to relax and have wine and cheese at Wine Connection Bistro @ Cuppage Terrace, also in Orchard. I don’t really understand this whole wine and cheese thing and why rich people do it haha. They all tasted weird, but it’s true that wine helped us relax – duh alcohol. 

We’re lucky that the hotel I booked was right beside Balestier Market. And the stalls were open for breakfast. They also offer take away – but usually for additional dollar or 2. On our 3rd day, I had chicken and century egg congee; still a little conservative choice for someone who wants to "try stuff".

There are days when my tummy gets lazy and takes hours before getting hungry. I didn’t finish my congee which was a bad move coz I got hungry early in the day when were at Universal Studios. Good ol’ Skyflakes to the rescue! There was so much lining in queues that day so we decided to just get hotdogs and fries inside USS. No photo taken. Hotdog: Gone in 60 Seconds.
So I wanted to eat at hawker again since they were cheaper and offers more selection. But apparently, not all of them had great selection as Makansutra and Balestier Market. I’m gonna skip our 3rd day dinner. I had some beef noodle soup. Good enough to fill my hungry belly.

We moved to a different hotel on our 4th day. And luckily again, there's a food court just at the end of the block ~ Food Republic. Ate Erliza tipped me to have traditional Singaporean breakfast at Toast Box. So I ordered the Traditional Kaya Toast. Okay I know how to eat a toast, but did I? So this meal came with coffee (I know how to drink that) and 2 soft boiled eggs (like really soft and runny) – that I didn’t know how to eat. I cracked one open, saw I was given 2 teaspoons. I assumed 1 was for coffee and the other for the eggs. I was scooping the inside of the egg with the teaspoon. Looked at the other table and saw a local guy put the eggs in the other mini bowl, and did the same time. This was too light of a breakfast for me, so I added a Luncheon Meat Bun, also from Toast Box.

Some other breads Toast Box offers

Food Republic at Bras Basah Rd

This was what he ordered. I don't know what it was.

We decided to have lunch at Food Republic again. This time I had Pad Thai, Fish Cake, and Thai Milk Tea. They were all sooooo good! Look at the prawns!

He had duck and wonton soup.

I really enjoyed eating in Singapore. My wallet didn't enjoy that much, but my belly did! :)

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