Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Super Late Post: Splash Island

Yes. Splash Island is still operational. This water park is close to home but I've only been here twice.
In my opinion, it already reached past its prime but they're still trying. The slides are still in good condition and the thrill when sliding down is still there. It's still a good option for barkada or family bonding, but only if you live nearby.
I got complimentary tickets courtesy of k'P when they held their company outing there last May.

What I didn't like about the park/things they can improve on:
1. The slides don't operate simultaneously - they have a rotating schedule and people would have to line up.
2. The female shower room's drainage was clogged when we went there!No one wants to shower with their feet soaking in dirty water! blueeughk!!
3. Not a lot of food choices - mostly just grilled stuff
4. They need more inflatable rings/lifesavers for the Balsa River - we were walking instead of "floating easy"


Tip for those commuting from Alabang: there's UV Express in South Station going to Trece Martires that passes through Southwoods, you can take that van and alight at McDonald's Southwoods and hail a tricycle to take you to Splash Island.

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