Sunday, October 11, 2015

The never ending pathless journey in search for a magical compass

I thought maybe kung balikan ko mga old posts ko I’d find a good direction as to where I want to go. But then puro mga pangarap na di natutupad ang mga nakikita ko.

Like my caption on Instagram “here’s one advice I obviously don’t follow”. Why don’t I? I don’t understand why I keep on straying away from the things I once hoped for no matter how simple they may be. Also I noticed that I don’t dream big enough. Masyado akong madaming apprehension and excuses. I got these debates in my head that when I get tired of finding a fault I sort of just crash.  Now maybe I can just move on sa mga ginusto ko nung nakaraan and work on achieving my current goals. I don’t know, just thinking out 

So is it stupid to ask why I am like this? In my effort to better understand myself, I searched for a personality (Temperament really) test and got this for an answer. Ang nabasa ko lang, I’m part of the meek and boring type. LOL jk. Sorry fellow “Guardians”.

It didn’t really help taking this test.

Who dictates the measure of success of a person? Would you agree with me if I say it’s rather subjective? Dami na naman sanga ng thoughts ko. Where am I going with this? I don’t know.

 Look how many times I was uncertain just by reading this stupid post! Ugh sarap tadyakan sarili! 

I need help.


Anonymous said...

As you get older, you are forced to get closer to your truth or spend a lifetime faking it.

Christian Kathleen Gabales said...

that rendered me speechless!