Monday, February 11, 2013

Caught Urbandub at the Mactan airport back in 09

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I remember seeing musical equipments when we arrived at the Mactan airport back in October 2009. I was thinking, "Ui sino may gig?" Then I saw Lalay Lim! Then John Dinopol's hair, hahaha - yeah I distinctly remember recognizing him because of his curly hair -- "wow Urbandub!!!" I asked for a photo from Lalay, she was so nice to call the rest of the band whom I did not see right away. Gabby and JanJan my love came over. Hihi. Too bad this photo is blurry. But this is my first and only photo with the entire band! And how special it was coz it was at their home town. 

I know there are other places in our beautiful country that I haven't seen yet, but I'm super excited to go back to Cebu!!


the budget fashion seeker said...

nice!i met them last 2009 too when they had a show there :)

thanks for dropping by my site. feel free to visit again anytime. great day!

the budget fashion seeker said...

*show in libis