Thursday, March 21, 2013


ODK I love this site:

I wish I was like the person behind this. Creative and making money out of blogging it! I have so many ideas in my head but I can't seem to start a project! 
I have a scrapbook that I just started working on, but it's still is so plain. I know I can do more than that.
I'm thinking that one reason that's keeping me from starting these projects is I care about saving money too, that I'd rather put it in the bank or something. But to be honest money goes to waste because of gala, eating, shopping and other stuff T_T 

I must promise to start small projects! I must have an action plan! 
I will start by getting these two:

1. Rotary fabric cutter
2. Craft supply organizer

About 2 weeks ago, I undressed my corkboard because I had the pink/brown lace theme for over a year. I wanted to do something else different but I haven't even bought anything that I can use yet! I was thinking of Black and White theme, Army and just now Navy =p I can't decide yet.
I also youtube'd some  DIY arm candy tutorial that I didn't pursue, because I thought It's just going to be expensive. 

I was thinking if there was a craft store in Festival Mall, it'd be easier for me.
Like in Davao or Buttons and Wrap (the one in SM Makati).

Anyway, one habit I hate about myself is how I procrastinate A LOT! 
I guess if I really wanted to get something done, I must START

something infiniteLy interesting

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happymumay said...

Sis, try reading Brian Tracy's book "Eat that Frog." It is a good wake-up call for people who procrastinate a lot. Just a suggestion... Btw, good luck on your small projects! :-)