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NICK AUTOMATIC: Dominating the world one closet at a time

I first heard of this tee line from boss, some time back in July 2010. But, correct me if I'm wrong, Nick Automatic has been in the scene for about a year then. Okay I have to do my research. Anyway, if it weren't for boss, I don't think I'd come across NA. I was working in a BPO call center back then in a sales account. Puro maarte at mga bakla lang kasama ko nun haha. Boss was studying in Bulacan State University back then.
Nick Automatic had a Manila Invasion in July 17, 2010. That happened in Commune, somewhere in Perea st. Makati. Boss wanted to get one, but he had class til 1700, and BSU is in Malolos Bulacan. He didn't think he'd get a good shirt if he goes to the invasion after his class. Kumbaga, late na, at napagpilian na mga tira. I think that was the reason. So, I was so landi that time (well til now), I offered to get him one that he likes and go there early.
Ayjusko when I got there around 1530 handameeng tao! I mean for a store/brand that I haven't heard before. I was thinking, "seriously anong meron?!". Di naman exag, there were people waiting outside, right outside the store and across the street. The much awaited shirts weren't there yet. And the store owner made us wait outside coz the store could not just possibly accomodate everyone. There was supposed to be a mini gig, but that did not materialize for some reason I don't know.
I didn't know anyone and most of them are guys. I remember some tried to make small talk w/ me, but back then I don't know how to hold a good conversation yet w/ strangers
If I remember it right, (forgive me my details are not as accurate as I want them to be, this happened over 2 years ago), ok going back, I think it was 1700 when the shirts arrived! :) I felt excited even though I didn't know yet what I was up for. Man I didn't know what I was up for!!! Nagtulakan talaga sila ate at kuya! And most of us have been waiting for over 2 hours so just imagine how "panis" na kami. LoL. It took a while before I was able to get in and ODK the scent of pawis in the store is overbearing ahaha. Puro kaartehan! anak ng.. oh well. In the end I got boss his GnarlyXNA tee, and I got mine a Pencil crew tee! so cute :) I saw Nicolo Nimor that day, I didn't really care much for him back then. If I only knew I'd be obssessing over him 2 years later LOL.But I remember thinking, "ang bata nya pa, and successful na". I was kinda envious when I found out we were the same age.
Many musicians have been spotted wearing NA. Urbandub and Chicosci are two of his main ambassadors. International artists have sported them too.
Nick Automatic tees are primarily sold online via trusted resellers. They have some at the Built by sonic shop in Eastwood, but if you want to get fresh release, you have to wait and transact business w/ the resellers.
Now I have a total of 6 NA shirts and a lanyard, which I know is weak compared to his hardcore fans. But I like that each of 'em have their own little story :)
The flagship Nick Automatic Doodle Store (NDS) opened some time 2012 and just recently another one in Cebu (still) at the Jcentre. And that's another milestone to his career.
I guess I'm writing this w/ a tiny bit of envy in my heart :P but mostly respect and admiration for Nicolo's success at young age of 25 doing something that he loves.
I am super excited to go back to Cebu and do some NA tee shopping :)

boss w/ Nicolo at Shockwave 2011 /Craft BGC 

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