Sunday, February 26, 2006

::wavelength of a blue sky::

something infiniteLy interesting

embrace the rest forty winks can give,
cLosing windows to see another reaLity.
she waits for the softest breeze,,
she recognize no agony

today i hear your voice
the waves are shorter,
beautifuL morning w/ the
bLuer sky
Livelier Life, enguLf in time

doubtfuL, you doubt the misunderstanding
rest your weight upon me
you have come
to the end of the Longest anticipation

today, with the sky of fLuffy cLouds
this dream is for you to see
come and step thrice cLoser
we race against time to test our stamina,,
to alleviate yesterday's sorrow,,

now we've seen and
we've feLt,, no other future
can charm you away from here

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